Cult Dempsey and Makepeac first met 35 years ago: What do actors and life partners look like today?

The story of two colleagues who do not understand each other at the beginning, but eventually fall in love, can be seen today in almost every single series from the work environment. It is said that it was Dempsey and Makepeac who “invented” this well-enriched premise today.

Acting and life partners have not lost their charm for even 35 years since the beginning of the shooting of today’s cult English series. – Photos: The Movie Database

BRATISLAVA, July 7 – Everyone who grew up or lived in the eighties must have registered a nice couple on television Dempsey a Makepeacová. British Sergeant Harriet “Harry” Makepeac from the aristocratic family and New Yorker James Dempsey were coincidentally forced to cooperate and the audience was taken care of. The series, which premiered in the UK from 1985 to 1986, happened very quickly spectator hit precisely because of the different personalities of the main characters. Dempsey and Makepeac would find it difficult to hide each other’s antipathies at the beginning of the series. Over time, however, as in similar stories, the outwardly incompatible couple still found their way to each other, and sympathy among the main characters began to grow.

In addition to the criminal plots, the main characters’ relationship was what regularly attracted millions of viewers to television screens.

Dubbing that is not forgotten

However, the success of the series in the then Czechoslovakia is certainly partly hidden as well great dubbing, without which many of the series today cannot even imagine. She lent a voice to the representative of Makepeac, the native of South Africa, Glynis Barber Kamila Magálová and dubbed the rough American Dempsey as Michael Brandon Boris Farkas. The interesting thing is that the series Dempsey and Makepeacová was originally broadcast in Slovakia and the Czech Republic only in the Slovak version. Czech dubbing was established only in 2002, and since that year the Slovak version has not been broadcast on Czech stations. However, Slovak viewers can enjoy Dempsey and Makepeac in occasional reruns in the original version, which was created between 1989 and 1992.

They also visited Slovakia

Glynis Barberová and Michael Brandon even visited Slovakia once. But already as a couple. In 1994 they spent three days in Bratislava, during which they met not only with Slovak actors who lent them voices, but also with many Slovak fans of the English series as part of autograph signings. Because at that time he had I syn Alexander less than two years, he also accompanied his famous parents.

You can also watch the report from the actors’ visit in the video. In 1994, it was broadcast by the public television STV.

The fellow actors have been married for 30 years

But let’s see how it all started. As the relationship of serial heroes on television developed, so did the relationship between fellow actors Glynis Barber and Michael Brandon. During the filming of the second series of the police series, their relationship changed from a collegiate to a romantic one. The British boulevard, of course, could not miss it and began to chase the audience’s darlings. Glynis once remembered her crouching and hiding in Michael’s car so that no journalist would notice her.

Although at the time of their greatest glory, the actors avoided journalists and did not want to comment too much on their relationship with the public, after years they talked: “I didn’t like the first year of our cooperation very much, I didn’t like it. After a year, after about ten parts, it gradually started to change, ”She mentioned in one of the interviews the beginnings of the Glynis relationship. “He was so American, quite noisy … I didn’t know many Americans at the time, so I was surprised, “She admitted with a laugh.

Neither Dempsey nor Makepeac caught each other's eye immediately.  The same was true of their actors.
Neither Dempsey nor Makepeac caught each other’s eye immediately. The same was true of their actors. Foto: Reprofoto ČSFD/ITV

However, Michael Brandon admitted that he liked his colleague from the beginning: „Years later, I found my diary, where I wrote down after my first meeting with her: be careful!“He revealed after years with a smile in a television interview. However, Makepeac’s spokeswoman said that Brandon had fulfilled all the American clichés she had ever heard, and it took her a while to really get to know him and fall in love. This happened after about a year of cooperation. As she admitted, she did not get to know his true nature better during a tour of the United States after the broadcast of the first crime series, where they went together to promote the series.

After the end of the filming and the decision of the television company not to continue with other works, which, as both actors have admitted several times, they were quite surprised, their common paths did not diverge. Glynis packed up and moved with Michael to Los Angeles. They married in November 1989, and three years later, in November 1992, their first and only son, Alexander, was born. Sympathetic actors will celebrate this year in November 31st wedding anniversary.

Shot from the first series of the Dempsey and Makepeac series.
Shot from the first series of the Dempsey and Makepeac series. Foto: Reprofoto ČSFD/ITV

They have retained their charm for years to come

Although from the very shooting of the first series of the crime series 35 years have passed, the acting couple did not lose their charm and charisma. Both Glynis and Michael survived after the end of Dempsey and Makepeac they continued to devote themselves to acting, and although Glynis focused more on theatrical records, both spouses starred in many series or films., and even participated in the British version of the Let Dances Dance show together in 2013. In the British version called Stepping Out, only celebrity couples dance. Brandon and Barber finished at the gates of the semifinals.

The actress will celebrate her 65th birthday in October, and her acting and life partner recently celebrated exactly ten more, or 75 years, in April. Despite the time that has elapsed since the filming of the series and the natural aging, both actors still look great.

The couple met recently also with singer Suzi Quatro, who also starred in one part of the series Demspey and Makepeac. Glynis didn’t forget that either, in the description of the photo on her Instagrame wrote: “It’s great to meet Suzi Quatro again after years. The last time we saw each other, it hung from a building in one part of Dempsey and Makepeac.