Crytek may postpone Crysis Remastered release date after fans are upset that the graphics aren’t as beautiful as they should be!

Crytek May postpone release date Crysis Remastered After boyfriend Yes Not happy that the graphics aren’t as beautiful as they should be. !?

Crytek announce Remaster Famous game Crysis The first part is officially set and available for sale to fans. Yes Have played this year Sure girlfriend Yes Expecting beautiful graphics Decorated in a magnificent northern style Because in the version Original Was considered as one of the most beautiful games in the game

But then, when the trailer of the game came out first Then make a girlfriend Yes Very disappointed and dissatisfied Because the graphics haven’t changed much Or as beautiful as expected Until a negative trend comes out Some fans even said that This is Crysis The first part, adjusted to the lowest level, obviously Yes

friend Yes Can see game previews of Crysis Remastered From above that it looks like the game version Original when 10 Last year or not ?

In the end of the clip, the release date is indicated as the date. 23 This july Lately Crytek Acknowledged about leaked information, including the disappointment of fans. Yes already And promise to improve the game a little more

In the period before the game was released Will help us improve Crysis Remastered On version PC And consoles to exceed the expectations you expect from games Crysis Get a lot Yes Exactly“Crytek Said in a statement on Wednesday last

This is not the first time that the game will be postponed than the first schedule. But is considered the first case Yes That has been postponed because of the criticism of the gaming fans This case is similar to the movie episode. Sonic The Hedgehog Being heavily attacked by the tide Until the director agreed to step back and adjust the character’s graphics Sonic New and gets a lot of praise during the new version of the movie showing !

Source : The Verge