Crowds towards the resorts in Prahova Valley

Columns of cars formed on the road to the resorts in Prahova Valley. It runs in a column at Busteni, but also between Posada and Comarnic, with 35-40 km / h.

At this time, the road traffic intensified on the direction of the DN 1 Brașov – Ploiești, according to Infotrafic.

The road traffic is intense on the direction of Ploiești to Brașov, in Bușteni resort, being a moving column (35-40 km / h), but also on the section between Posada and Comarnic localities, the traffic values ​​are increased and circulate in a column, with speed reduced.

On the coastal direction of the Soarelui highway, the traffic is normal, with about 20 cars / minute, but the traffic values ​​are expected to increase in the next few hours.