On the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Croatian leader is in the Zagreb apartment Nikoline Pišek (48) burst the gas pipe that provides heating for the entire building. Nikolina and her daughter A (6) were poisoned with carbon monoxide.

Husband acted quickly

Nikolina is her husband at night See, who was on a business trip to Belgrade, reported that Uno was suffering from nausea and a severe headache. She didn’t feel the best herself either. When Nikolina did not answer the phone, Vidoje took action and ordered a friend to check what was happening. He found his daughter and mother unconscious.

They were taken to hospital, from where they were released on Monday. The daughter and mother are now staying in a hotel, and Vidoje also arrived in Zagreb from Belgrade.

He is planning a lawsuit

Nikolina posted on the social network Instagram yesterday and announced: “7.2. Second birthday. Because I’m still alive. Like my baby girl. And the daughter of a friend who was visiting us that afternoon. It was only because of my husband’s intuition that we survived the carbon monoxide poisoning.”

For the 24sata portal, Piškova revealed that she is planning a lawsuit. “I will sue the person in charge, the police report will show that. I think they and the prosecution will also file a lawsuit because it is a crime,“she explained.