Croatian Chamber: Vegetable growers desperate

04.07.2020. / 16:05

ZAGREB – The Croatian Chamber of Agriculture (HPK) today called on consumers, buyers and traders to help domestic vegetable producers.

Namely, due to the corona crisis, they have fallen into an unenviable market situation and are threatened with the decline of this year’s genus.

At the press conference, HPK warned of the current difficult situation in the sale of domestic vegetables caused by increased imports and the absence of tourism, as well as lowering purchase prices for domestic vegetables, reports the portal Index.

The president of the Committee for Vegetables and Potatoes of HPK, Vjekoslav Budnec, pointed out that domestic producers are desperate because they have no one to sell their goods to and they are threatened by the situation that the crop remains in the fields instead of being sold on trade shelves and markets.

Unfortunately, low-priced imported goods continue to appear on the market, calling into question the sustainability and future of this production.He said.

Due to the fear of lack of vegetables, due to the corona crisis, vegetable production was increased this spring, which was the goal to raise self-sufficiency in this production.“, Pointed out the leaders of HPK.

The crop is good this year, but, as they stated, the producers have no one to sell it to when it comes on the market, because the buyers are breaking their purchase prices below the producer price.

Unfortunately, tourism and tourist consumption as one of the important sales channels were absent, and the growth of imports and placement of cheap vegetables and market surpluses from the EU and the region’s markets through retail chains continued.“, Warned the HPK.

HPK President Mladen Jakopović called on consumers to buy home-grown vegetables, look at declarations and turn to their neighbors, farmers who produce home-grown vegetables, because that is one of the ways to protect domestic production.

We also invite retail chains to contact us and put more home-grown vegetables on their shelves. During the spring, everyone carried out campaigns to promote domestic production, but the situation on the shelves is still different now, when international trade and imports have returned to normal.“, Said Jakopović.