Crieri launches the new Poesia brand with The Digital Project

The company operates in the jewelry field crier launches the new brand Poetry with The Digital Project, chosen following a gara a quattro. The Milanese agency, which already dealt with Crieri’s online communication, will be responsible foromnichannel approach of the brand, with a focus on digital in addition to online positioning construction of the new brand starting from website and ecommerce.

The reality led by Carlo Croci will also take care of strategic definition of the entire digital dimension and the communication structure of social Poetryas well as the planning and operational management of media advertising.

Since its birth in the historic Italian district of goldsmith creativity and the artisan tradition of Valenza, Crieri has specialized in the production of tennis bracelet. After a decade of experience behind the scenes, obtained by creating tennis jewels for other realities, the company decides to present itself directly to the public. He wants to speak a language close to contemporary woman with Poetry.

“We are excited by the opportunity to give our contribution to the creation of the identity, digital and overall, of a new brand from day zero. The challenge is certainly intense but equally stimulating “, comments the founder of the agency, Carlo Croci.

“For us it was an unexpected confirmation. Almost inevitable after the excellent work still in progress for our main brand, Crieri “, says the marketing manager Michela Saracino. “The decision to bring a new dimension to the company with a brand with different characteristics from Crieri was best interpreted by the TDP team. We do not want to replicate the styles of classic jewelry communication, starting from the centrality of online sales within an omnichannel scheme to achieve what we identify as the woman Poetry “.

The Poetry message, “Brilliant thoughts“, Will be declined not only on traditional channels, but will allow The Digital Project to experiment also on less common platforms in Italy but from an important basin to reach an alternative and complementary audience, such as Pinterest and Linkedin.

The investment of € 250,000 by the end of 2020 will be managed by The Digital Project itself and intended primarily for the digital dimension, but multiple activations are planned in parallel, from branding, all’influence marketing, all special initiatives to increase the resonance of the message and work in synergistic cross-media perspective.