Crew Dragon spacecraft and space walk

The Crew Dragon spacecraft was also immortalized in a video taken while astronauts from the International Space Station “Walked” in space.

It is known to be one of SpaceX’s higher priorities transporting a human crew to some point in space, and finally to Mars. For now, the flights are directed only to the International Space Station, and a month after the successful launch of the Crew Dragon capsule, which took cosmonauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the station, it is still in the same location. NASA says that they are satisfied with the capsule, which means that it is what was called a “historic launch” became a historic mission.

How many capsules can it last?

One of the biggest questions during the preparations for the launch was how long the capsule could last in space, since the first one, launched in 209, spent less than a week at the station, which was not enough to come to big conclusions. The biggest problem is solar panels, as they degrade the fastest in space conditions, and without them Crew Dragon is left without energy.

Since it was attached to the station, the capsule is filled once a week, in order to determine whether the plates are functioning properly. The panels are currently producing more energy than expected, which means yes the whole capsule works better than planned. The capsule is expected to stay at the station for 114 days, and for now it looks like it will be able to meet that expectation.

The SpaceX capsule is On July 2, she also witnessed a space walk, and it is a routine event, in which NASA astronauts left the station to make the necessary repairs. While working on the replacement of lithium-ion batteries, which store solar energy, which is used to power the station during orbital nights, astronaut Bob Behnken managed to take several photos. In the photo, next to the capsule, you can see a magnificent view from the station.

Source: Teslarati