Crazy vacation with headaches

Even the summer in which Traian Băsescu pulled all the strings, so as not to fall in the referendum that in fact knocked him out, was not so terrible. It was just hot. But not ugly! Then, all our compatriots exercised their democratic spirit, while the Americans showed their totalitarian behavior, especially in places where they have major interests. Now, Traian Băsescu is agitating like a semi-opponent, trotting day and night, on television, where he spreads all sorts of intelligent opinions, with some fair judgments, but also with a damn big political villain. His trouser leg catches fire because he stays with the party on the edge of the ditch. And he, hanged in Brussels, with his port English as a communist, no longer exceeds the status of Romanian caricature sent abroad to represent the circus component of the Romanian spirit.
The great summer for pupils and students has come, the divine season of total freedom of youth. The summer of adult holidays has come, with cars loaded with unnecessary luggage and long journeys to the mountains, the sea, Greece and Bulgaria.
It seemed like a vacation where we could rediscover our country. Dry to patriotism and with our eyes of snobs left from the time of forbidden travels beyond the borders, we do not know how to enjoy the sub-Carpathian hills, mountain villages, cottages and Delta. At sea, all Romanians crowd because the prejudice works that, if you weren’t at sea, you didn’t have a vacation. Unfortunately, even this time, those who lead it did not know how to ignite the joy of rediscovering Romania. They don’t either. They are snobbish puppets and can only enjoy the places where they practice their Soviet-proletarian English. In this country, as they say to our country, as if they were foreign tourists with Romanian citizenship, everything stinks and everything bores them because it is not like in Europe or like in America. And it’s not like in Europe and America, for the simple fact that “in this country” no one really holds them accountable. And, if it happens, it “resolves.”
I am amused by the avalanche of compatriots (“Romanians”, “dear Romanians” or “our Romanians”) on the border with Greece. The Greeks, high-class merchants and well-versed in politics, made a big fuss about reopening the borders and free entry to their famous tourist resorts. Ours hurried to book, buy or plan vacations in northern Greece and on the islands, believing that no one was blowing soup in them, that no one was controlling their masks and distance. And when the onslaught took on proportions, the Greeks came out of indifference and put on questionnaires and codes, tests and quarantines. Even at the opening of the borders after the fall of Ceausescu, there were no queues of 10 kilometers at the Promahonas customs. And they will not be in the next decades, unless the holidays in Greece are granted to all budget holders in Romania.
The large number of contaminants in July should worry us! The summer heat is shown to be more “pandemic” than the spring winds. And the holiday air makes us all more careless, more rebellious and more thirsty for freedom. The blunders and rumblings of the rulers pushed us all to a behavior of pupils and students in the craziest vacation of their lives!