Covid: Bergamo and Brescia capitals of culture 2023

Emanuele Cremaschi via Getty Images

BERGAMO, ITALY – JUNE 18: Some local postcards of Bergamo on display for sale at a souvenir shop on June 18, 2020 in Bergamo, Italy. The city of Bergamo is slowly returning to normality after the lockdown for Covid-19 pandemic. (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images)

“Bergamo and Brescia deserve to move from the status of city symbol of the health emergency to that of territories symbol of beauty and the rebirth of the country”. This was stated in a Facebook post by Devis Dori, spokesman for the 5 Star MoVement in the Chamber, after the approval of an amendment by the Chamber Budget Committee on the relaunch. “That’s why with an amendment to my first signature, in line with the proposal launched by the mayors, the two capitals will immediately be able to boast the title of” Italian Capital of Culture “for 2023. During the emergency Covid, Bergamo, my land , as well as Brescia and other Italian cities, have paid a high price in terms of human lives and suffering. Making these two territories a cultural reference point for a year means offering a concrete contribution to their restart. Art, culture, traditions and beauty must be the privileged tools with which to rebuild the social fabric and redesign the future of our peninsula. Bergamo and Brescia, the whole of Italy, have resisted with pride and tenacity in the darkest moments, now is the time to start again with the best we can offer ourselves and the world: beauty “.

The amendment on Bergamo and Brescia, capitals of culture 2023, establishes that by the end of January 2022 the two cities will have to submit to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage a unitary project with initiatives aimed at increasing the use of cultural heritage.