Covid-19: Madeira Government satisfied with UK decision – Portugal

The President of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, expressed his satisfaction today that the region is included in the system of “international travel corridors” in the United Kingdom, underlining the importance of English tourism.


Santos Silva criticizes the United Kingdom,

Santos Silva: UK decision is

Miguel Albuquerque stressed that the fact that Madeira was not excluded from the “international travel corridors” with the United Kingdom confirms that the “strategy” regarding the covid-19 pandemic, namely the control and monitoring of passengers at the entrance to airports, was “correct”.

“This, for us, is a great satisfaction because the United Kingdom is one of the main emission markets for Madeira and it is, for us, extremely important to have this tourist corridor secured,” he said, on the sidelines of a visit to a livestock farm in São Vicente.

Miguel Albuquerque also said that it was the “confirmation” that the strategy followed by Madeira “was correct”: “From testing to entry and the control we do in terms of public health”.

The President of the Regional Government thanked, therefore, the commitment of the ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Portugal and this one in the United Kingdom, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Portugal.

Madeira maintains a total of 92 cases of covid-19, with 90 recovered and only two assets, the Institute of Health Administration (IASAÚDE) said today.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stopped advising trips to Madeira and the Azores, along with a number of other countries, but continues to warn against visits to mainland Portugal.

“These countries have been assessed as no longer presenting an unacceptably high risk for Britons traveling abroad,” says the Ministry’s statement, alluding that the criteria include public health considerations.

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been advising since mid-March against “all non-essential trips worldwide” due to the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, although airplanes continue to circulate between Portugal and the United Kingdom with reduced services.

However, today it changed this advice to 33 European countries, like Spain, Germany, Belgium or Turkey, several British overseas territories and other countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand or South Korea.

As of July 4, the Ministry’s advice against all non-essential international travel ceases to apply to Madeira and the Azores taking into account the current assessment of the risks of infection with the coronavirus.