Countdown begins for the highly anticipated new iMac family

The new iMac model World Developers ConferenceAlthough it was stated that it would be introduced in, this claim was not made reality. The new iMac model with the advent related claims are spoken. If the information comes true, Apple will launch the new iMac earlier this month.

It is not expected that Apple will organize a separate event for iMac. It is stated that 2020 model iMac will come with Pro Display XDR screen technology and the screen frames will be thinner. The computer, which we expect to have thin bezels similar to the iPad Pro, is expected to come in two different screen sizes as before. It is stated that the 21.5 inch model will reach 23 inch or 24 inch screen size thanks to the tapered screen frames. A similar situation is not yet discussed in the 27-inch model. It is stated that SSD storage system will be preferred instead of Fusion Drive in new iMacs. Intel’s computers that are said to use Apple’s T2 security chip AMD Radeon Pro 5300 GPU with Core i9-10910 It is claimed that the processor will take place.

Have the prices of the new iMac models been announced?

We expect Apple to make a radical change in the design of iMac, which has thinned the design of iMac in 2012. It is possible to say that the new models will have a similar price tag with the existing models, even though the sales prices are not yet clear. If the sold abroad in the coming days, the new iMac will go on sale soon in Turkey say it.

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