Corona won the heartbreaking status of chairman

Corolla was won by Dhalla Union Parishad Chairman Mohammad Zahidul Islam Bhuiyan of Singair Upazila in Manikganj. Corona became infected with the corona virus while standing by the side of the common people of the union. On June 9, he felt physically ill. Then on 12 June he gave a sample for corona test and got a positive report. The negative report came on Friday (July 3). In the meanwhile he was confronted with the ultimate reality of life. In this reality, he gave a heartwarming status through social media. The status goes viral through social media.

“People, humanity and a distorted conscience are all a part of the theater of the world, which has not deviated from its position even in the world-shaking epidemic called Kovid-19,” the chairman said. The government’s message of tolerance towards the people affected by Kovid-19 is commendable. After all, some of the best insects remain. Real life teaches a lot.

Many memories, many incidents, many hardships move the heart every moment, every moment. I am sometimes overwhelmed with emotion in my memories. Everything is a cruel irony of destiny. When my 7-year-old stupid daughter stands in front of the door to get her father’s touch and points her finger, how long will I be alone, father? When a sick boy with torn leg ligament lies in bed praying for his father’s cure, the sick mother sits in Jainamaz all the time and prays for the boy. What will retired parents lose? And a wife who is tired of serving by overcoming her fear by risking her life to make her husband healthy.

He added that just then, in the northern sky, the people of Kal Baishakhi, the rupee monsters, became violent. By that time many of them were living corpses. Covid-19 has made its home in the body. The colorful world from the heart is then wrapped in the color of white shroud, the tired body and restless mind are forgetting the illusion of the world. Some responsible human-like vampires have not stopped yet.

The way I was tortured. I may forget the threat. But that injustice has been done to my helpless innocent simple simple student crowd. Ordinary people may never forget that. This is new history. I have heard that goats lick the cheeks even in the rainy season.

Kovid-19 may not last a day. This world will get back to a healthy life. The human mind will be enlightened. Pure air will return. The expectation is for endless survival. People are for people, life is for life. Good luck everyone.