Corona: Cancer patients can provide safe treatment – Corona: Cancer patients can provide safe treatment

Cancer patients are facing many difficulties in treatment due to corona. Cancer patients have weak immunity to the body.
Difficulties in screening and treatment
During the corona epidemic, the cancer patient is facing many problems. He is unable to reach the hospital from home, check for the disease. Treatment of the disease is difficult after diagnosis. Because immunity decreases after treatment, the patient becomes more sensitive. Difficulties have also increased for the attendant with the patient. In the hospital, firstly necessary tests related to his corona are done. Sometimes this fear causes difficulties to attend.
Patients three category
Cancer patients are divided into three categories. First, patients who have no other disease other than cancer. Aggressive treatment is given to such patients. The therapy required for quick recovery, dose of medicines are all given according to the patient’s immunity. Other patients who have diabetes, high BP, thyroid, other cardiovascular diseases. They are sent home after giving treatment for immediate relief. Third such patients are elderly. They give medicine very thoughtfully.

Expert: Dr. Nidhi Patni, Senior Cancer Specialist, Jaipur