Coop runs self-scanning with the mobile – also opens unmanned stores

Coop Mitt has decided to start a pilot project with unmanned stores. In the autumn, the first two stores will open in the Gävle area.

– The focus on unmanned stores is a way for us to be in more places where we see potential. At the same time, we offer a solution for customers who want to be able to visit a Coop store regardless of the time of day, says Meta Persdotter, CEO Coop Mitt.

The unmanned stores will be open around the clock, and Coop has developed a new self-scanning app where the customer can scan and pay for goods using his mobile phone.

The purpose of the unmanned stores is a way of meeting demand in neighborhoods where there is currently no Coop store, sparsely populated and tourist areas.

Already, the app is being tested for scanning goods in a Coop store on Sveavägen in Stockholm. That app develops and gets more features continuously. Coop’s goal is to make the app accessible to all customers after the summer of 2020.