Content Makers Attention: The New Panasonic LUMIX G100 Camera Technocrat is Coming

With a lightweight and compact body, the Panasonic LUMIX G100 takes the burden of heavy photo equipment off your shoulders without compromising on quality thanks to fantastic photo and video performance.

  • Ideal camera for vloggers and content creators.

  • Stand out from the crowd with unparalleled picture and video quality.

  • Amazing sound recording with OZO Audio by Nokia microphone technology for the first time in the world without a mirrorless camera.

1. Video quality takes to a new level

Capture smooth, high-definition 4K or Full HD videos with different aspect ratios to suit any need. Many content producers can match the smartphone’s video performance, but with the G100’s outstanding picture quality, it can now stand out from the rest.

The camera’s image sensor is much larger than that of smartphones, so it can take fantastic photos and videos with it in extreme conditions. You can capture sharp images even in the evening or in low light indoor environments. With the larger MFT image sensor, you can capture images with beautifully blurred backgrounds for a professional effect.

The high-performance 5-axis hybrid image stabilizer[1] its effect becomes truly spectacular with videos taken on the go, so you can always make your shots shake-free and enjoyable. Whether you’re walking indoors, cycling or recording video from a vehicle, you can always count on the G100 to capture a truly stable image.

Premium sound quality is also guaranteed. The sound quality of the LUMIX G100 is ensured by the built-in OZO Audio by Nokia, making it the first mirrorless camera in the world to have such advanced sound technology[2]. The three built-in microphones record clear and detailed sound that makes recording as realistic as if you could hear it live. The G100 is able to track the sounds of detected subjects and automatically switches to the sound mode that best suits the situation. With this versatile sound technology, the sound recording will be so high quality that you do not have to spend on an external microphone.

2. Special functions

Whatever content you want to create, you’re sure to find a sound recording mode on the G100. The new Video Selfie Mode is an excellent example of this. With this feature, both you and the background stay in perfect focus without having to adjust the focus separately.

Special video effects are also easily available. Slow-motion or Time Lapse recording is easy to create, and the camera meets the needs of advanced vloggers with the installed V-Log L and LUT (Look Up Tables) function.

Take advantage of Panasonic’s awesome 4K Photo feature to capture unrepeatable moments. Take a 30 fps shot and select the frame you are looking for from the perfect action-packed moment.

Panasonic LUMIX G100

3. Delicate balance of ergonomics and functionality

It weighs only 422 g[3] The G100 is light and compact to share your stories anywhere.

Adjust the composition with the high-resolution viewfinder or use the high-resolution 3-inch display. You can conveniently rotate the touch screen to the desired angle, making it not only easy to take a selfie, but you can also make vlogs by starring yourself.

For vloggers, the Frame Maker feature also lets you control what your footage looks like with different, popular aspect ratios. And the REC Frame Indicator displays a striking red frame so you can see when recording.

The new DMW-SHGR1[4] the tripod grip makes it even easier to hold the camera during vlog shots and can even be used as a tripod. If you connect the camera via USB, you can use the tripod grip to start and stop recording, release the shutter, and turn sleep mode on or off.

The G100 can even be charged on the go via a USB connection.

Panasonic LUMIX G100

4. Share your stories with easy connectivity

The Panasonic LUMIX G100 also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can easily share the best stories.

With a separate upload button, you can start transferring data and videos to your smartphone so you can share them on your favorite social platform with the free LUMIX Sync app, available on iOS and Android.

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.2) provides a continuous and minimal power connection between the camera and your smartphone. Use your smartphone as a remote control to activate the camera and automatically tag your photos with a GPS tag.

You can also take videos and photos with the smartphone remote control.

The Panasonic LUMIX G100 will hit stores in August and will be available for approximately $ 260,000 to $ 330,000, depending on the contents of the set.

Tripod Grip (DMW-SHGR1)

Compact and lightweight handle with mini stand. You can stop / start video recording and release the shutter via a USB connection

Compatibility: DC-G100 / G110, GH5 *, GH5S *, G95 / G90 * and G80 / G81 / G85 *

* Firmware upgrade on the camera is required for this function The sleep mode button cannot be used.

[1] If you are using a replaceable lens (H-FS12032 or H-FS35100) manufactured before the camera was released, update the lens firmware to the latest version.

[2] For digital interchangeable lens cameras. Status as of June 25, 2020.

[3]With the LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm (H-FS12032) lens

[4] The DC-G100V / DC-G110V kit includes the tripod handle. The handle is also available separately.