Congressional Budget Ensign, 3rd Process 35.1 trillion cut by 200 billion won

Special Committee on Budget and Settlement, Park Hong-geun, and a Democratic Party secretary are speaking on the 2nd in the 2020 Committee on Budget and Settlement, etc.

On the 3rd, the National Assembly Budget Settlement Subcommittee, the Budget Adjustment Subcommittee, confirmed the size of the third supplementary plan to overcome the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) situation by 35 billion won, reduced by 200 billion won in the government, and passed it to the general meeting.

The so-called government increased the total amount of KRW 1.35 trillion on the basis of the government’s proposal, but it resulted in a decrease of KRW 1.55 trillion, resulting in a reduction of KRW 2,42 billion. After meeting with reporters, he said, “This time, the government plan was 23.928 trillion won, with the exception of the tax revenue of 11.4 trillion won.

He said, “Especially, the amount of reduction is the largest among all historical records.” As a result, the final expenditure amounted to 23.55 trillion won.”

The sectors with the largest net increase in each sector totaled KRW 436.7 billion in health, welfare, and employment. In the industrial SME energy sector, KRW 355.3 billion was cut, with the largest net reduction.

“We reduced 300 billion won in the work place we wanted to work on as the processing of the supplementary process was delayed,” Park said.

He added, “In order to strengthen the prevention of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), we increased 79.9 billion won and 28 billion won in green new deal projects for public buildings.” It was held with only people participating.


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