Coaching leads from thoughts to actions that grow the business

“It’s great that I can help a start-up entrepreneur understand what’s going on inside him,” says experienced coach Nele Pruul.

If the business is not progressing as expected, one reason may be the entrepreneur’s own thoughts or habits. But how to get from knowledge to action? What contributes to discipline and how to unlock its potential?

With great experience coach Nele Pruul is able to help in this respect by using the principles of the system developed daily by Bob Proctor, one of the leaders in the field of self-development.

What coaching does it mean at all? What would you call yourself?

You could say coach, consultant, supervisor. In fact, this job title is not important at all, because all that matters is how my job helps people, such as start-ups.

But then give me some good advice. For example, how can a start-up increase its sales?

Yes, that’s not one of the most important things about how to make a profit and avoid a loss. People can learn all day long, but if the main cause of concern is not changed, nothing will change in a broad sense.

Take money, for example. We can talk about it all day or spend it for several days, but talking like that doesn’t change anything! There will be no more money and no sales. Same story with will. The same desire does not bring more customers.

But I have a way to do it! I use a step-by-step system created by Bob Proctor that solves the problems that are causing them. I’m not talking about a year or two of old experience, but 60 years of experience.

What do you think is the desire of every start-up? Every start-up wants to become a top entrepreneur, successful, earn a good salary! But what’s stopping him? The main problem is that there are certain things you should do but don’t do. This is called the knowledge and action gap.

What is it and how can it be closed to increase sales?

I will give a simple example of life itself, because from childhood we really all know what this gap looks like, I just remember it. When we did the trouble, the parents asked, dear child, why you did it. You knew it shouldn’t be!

They shrugged in response – I don’t know why, in our souls, we knew our parents wouldn’t let me. Where, then, do such acts come from? After all, things come directly from habits. Habits are so natural that we don’t even notice them. They are designed so that we can act automatically to make it easier.

There are a lot of habits that a start-up needs to change, but the truth is that there are a lot of habits that he knows should be changed, but he still doesn’t change. There are many things we know we should do, but we don’t. The question is how to start doing them! How to create successful habits that take root?

Every start-up actually knows what to do, but these new habits are not taking root. Because of this, one feels frustration, one is harsh on oneself and therefore the business does not progress. You need to create new successful habits. This can be considered a very important rule.

What is going on in the head of a start-up? Is there any common denominator that applies to more or less everyone?

Still. In the beginning, you have a brainstorming session. Well, that’s what I want to do. Everything looks bright and clear! But moving forward, there must be a stage at some point when you are in doubt. Concerns arise. Who am I to do this? Where does it take to get the money? What if I can’t handle it? Maybe I can’t and I’m going to laugh at me.

Then you can feel the internal confusion in a few minutes and the momentum fades so that the original glow fades.

Good start-up, write the following sentence now: you are more than a voice in your head that says no. Each time you are faced with such a negative situation again, repeat that sentence to yourself.

So what can you really do?

Discipline is needed in every job. It must be understood that there are simply things that need to be done. Be it paperwork, finding customers, taking care of them or a hundred other tasks. Work needs to be done, and a lot! However, everyone knows that they are capable of more than what they are doing now. It’s just a little lacking in discipline.

Then you are harsh with you and that is the trap, because does that harsh really help to continue? No, the emphasis is on self-motivation, not business. I will now give you three tools to help you improve your discipline and focus.

The only way to change habits is through autosuggestion, or repeating new commands. It’s like a suggestion from you to yourself. You have to play big, you have to want it and not be tough with yourself when habits are just being created. Third, there must be a good strong reason why a start-up wants this change.

What is the main reason for the knowledge gap?

New habits, you have to want them and you need a reason to change them. There are very simple ways to avoid this problem. People will be hired to do the job. When an activity is unpleasant, it is easier for someone else to take it over, but it must not be forgotten that this person does not always do as he should. He is also struggling to close this gap, and it stands out at work and his boss is not happy about it.

But what if one of them knew how to close the knowledge gap? One would teach the other and things would go as they should. The fact is, however, that this is not known or done. In fact, everything is controlled by the subconscious. The golden rule is that if the will contradicts the subconscious, the latter always wins.

That is exactly what we are talking about today. The will is to do something else, but the subconscious feeds on those old habits, and the result is that what should be done according to the new habits is not done. If you can’t close the knowledge-doing gap, you won’t understand.

Understand, if I explain it now, but if I don’t understand, I can’t implement it, because knowledge equals implementation, and in my work I focus on changing the subconscious, because it actually guides people.

When starting a business, it is necessary to make a lot of changes in thinking and acting, because efficiency depends on how quickly habits change. If you have not been an entrepreneur before, your habits and activities are completely different. You can’t hang out anymore.

However, if the main cause is known and the knowledge of how to change it is gained, then fears and doubts will disappear and they will be able to carry out these seemingly sci-fi steps, the brainstorming that comes to mind. The subconscious must change the cause, not the consequence.

One more change is important. It is important that the self-image changes. This is another reason why a person is not in business or living where they want to be. You don’t see yourself as an entrepreneur. It is wanted, but it is not seen inside. It is hoped that a miracle will take place.

What could be considered the main problems of sales people?

A lot of resources are spent on training to find out how to sell better. Basically, it’s just about getting to know more. But just because more is known does not mean more. The second problem is the lack of self-confidence, and the third is simply the fact that people are great procrastinators.

However, procrastination will soon become a habit. If someone helped to get rid of the postponement, it would have a big impact on the success of the business. There is no magic pill, but when all this information is known and put into practice, it works like magic. You have to go inside yourself, be honest and let go of mistakes made in the past.

But how to increase self-confidence?

To do this, we need to look at where this uncertainty comes from. It is easy to fix things if you know exactly what is broken. There is some level of uncertainty in absolutely everyone, but you need to know how not to stick to it. It does not matter how big or small this uncertainty is at the moment. You just have to get to know it, study it.

On the other hand, I have to approach whether this uncertainty serves me. Why am I holding on to this? Because we stick to old habits. Again, we would like to do differently, but the subconscious mind sticks to old habits.

What else should be kept in mind?

Certainly that if you do not have high personal standards, you will not succeed. Everyone has some standards that they do not want to fall below. The standards are different and no one can be condemned for them. It is as it is, but it is possible to change it, and I have one specific piece of advice in this regard again: do not lower your standards!

So how do I direct my thoughts so that I’m worth paying more for, for example

Here comes the confidence again. When an insecure person asks for the same price as a confident one, it stands out. It is felt subconsciously.

Some good ideas to put behind your ear

• The comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be, because there you do not move on, but everything else is constantly changing.

• If you trust yourself and feel that what you are doing is right, you will not be afraid of your competitors.

• It takes an average of 21 days for a person to develop new habits.

• If you know which habits you want to change, it is worth doing one or two at a time, not more.

• Do not set a goal lower than your personal standards.

• Good ideas need to be put into practice immediately.

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