Clear people have nothing to prove to anyone – different

By Litsa Filippou.

The few and distinct clear people have nothing to prove to anyone. Those who know who they are and where they are going. Those who do not chew their words. They speak with double and clear words. They do not confuse their words. They are explained equally. They are not afraid and do not hide to say what they want. They speak the language of their soul. Their syllables are clear as their gaze. And they come out of their hearts unscathed.

They are not afraid to look you in the eye and tell you the truth. To disguise what others do not have the courage to do. They make a difference with the teapot they have. With the tsabouka that distinguishes them. They have not learned to pretend to win what they want. They do not play with people’s souls. They do not take advantage of emotions to serve their own interests. They have always learned to claim and earn what they want. Relationships don’t scare them. They do not avoid commitments. They are not afraid to crumple their image. They laugh with their hearts and are not ashamed to cry through their souls.

They understand more than this world can stand. They endure more than this world gives them. They talk a little. They know a lot. They are authentic and honest in everything. They are not scared in front of their emotions. They love with passion. They are given with all their being. They respect their partner and treat him as he deserves. They do not use his feelings to achieve their personal ambitions. They do not cause him insecurity and phobias. Instead, they protect and care for him by showing their love at every opportunity.

They believe in deeds and not in theory. They don’t like big empty words. They are distinguished by quality and not quantity, honesty and not hypocrisy. They do not hide what they are. On the contrary, they are proud of it and shout it with every move. They shout it at every look. They hate lying. They love authenticity. They hate hypocrisy. They do not imitate or copy shallow idols.

They appreciate what those around them offer them and recognize the value in each person. They are characterized by the confidence they emit. The self-knowledge that distinguishes them. They know what they want and they are not looking for it in every station that their route will take them out. They are firmly on their feet and do not stagger at every step. They don’t make fun of or underestimate people. They face the little things with indifference. Evil with contempt. The difficult ones with dignity and humor.

They do not seek your respect. They beat him with their attitude. They do not claim your attention. They win it with their behavior. They stand out for their crunchiness and immediacy. For their simplicity and straightforwardness. They laugh out loud. They smile at you warmly. They are not afraid to show their sympathy to you and they do not hide their dislikes. They do not associate with the mob. They have few and “heartfelt” friends.

They do not wander aimlessly in this world. They follow a steady course and do not deviate at every turn of their lives. They have no need for confirmation from anyone. They do not seek reward from others. They resist strong currents and are not carried away by passions and malicious influences. They passionately support their views and do not hide from people and situations.

They have not learned and do not know how to hide in the dark. You will not meet them at secret dinners or in closed synagogues. You will not see them wandering in the basements and the origins of this world. You will see them where there is light and clear sky. Where the rainbow ends. Because that’s where their soul always leads them.

It is these few and rare who dare to be their own selves. Because they just don’t have to prove anything to anyone.