Apart from the desert, extremely dry areas of the world, drinkable amounts of water can be extracted from the air everywhere with the right methods – the simplest and most ancient version of this is collecting dew, of course there are also serious dehumidifying machines, although these are usually used to dry out wet rooms and apartments.

Several companies are working on larger and household devices specifically designed for the production of drinking water, among them is the American Spout, whose new product not only produces clean water, but also clean air.

This gadget would fit in every apartment 1

Image: Spoutwater.com

The six-stage cleaning system first filters out pollutants and pathogens from the air – dust, smoke particles, fungi, pollen, bacteria, viruses – and then an absorbent part collects the water from the cleaned air. The water evaporated with heat from the absorbent cylinder condenses and cools in the condensation cavity, and after further filtration and mineral replenishment, it enters the pitcher. Of course, sooner or later various pathogens could multiply in the water standing in the pot, but they also thought of that: the UV-C lamp built into the lid ensures that germs are removed.

According to Spout’s promise, the device can work in almost every household around the world – the product, which will be released in July, can be pre-ordered from the company’s website for $399 (HUF 135,000), the retail price will be double that, $799 (HUF 270,000). The filters must be changed quarterly, they will cost $25 (HUF 8,500).

This gadget would fit in every apartment 2

Image: Spoutwater.com