Citizens caught a burglar and “blackened” him in the wood – different

The video show “Together with You” with Tatiana Stefanidou brought to light a shocking video documentary. It is time for citizens to catch a burglar and decide to take the law into their own hands!

It all happened at noon last Wednesday (01.07.2020) in Ampelokipi. A burglar tried to enter an apartment building, but was noticed by the owner of the house who chased him!

The owner of the house chased the burglar to Kifissia and with the help of other citizens, he was thrown to the ground. But then things got out of hand and the images of self-judgment brought to everyone’s mind the murder of Zak Costopoulos!

Fortunately, this time things did not go to extremes. The contribution of a man who appears in the video to be wearing white was important and he asked the others to stop hitting the would-be burglar, from the moment they caught him and threw him to the ground! “He fell down, stop, we’re not hitting him anymore,” he told them.

The citizens who had caught the burglar, hit him with the screwdriver he had to use as a burglary tool!

Watch the documentary video: