‘Chunjae Lee’s frame’ 20-year-old Ok-yi Yoon “Forgive me now because the people knew”

The dreamy young man, 22 years old, became 53 years old. He spent nearly 40% of his life in prison. I was madly unfair.

The police beat him with polio. Without sleeping, I was locked up for 75 hours. On-site verification asked the murdered girl to cross the fence of her home. When he said that he couldn’t get over the wall with his legs shrunk, he lifted his hip and threw his body over the wall. Thoroughly fabricated bloody facts. The police made the 22-year-old agricultural machine repairer Yoon Moo a criminal in the eighth murder.

Neither the prosecutor nor the judge believed his words. The crime of murder was overturned on Yoon, who doesn’t know the victim’s face or the house. ‘Weapons of imprisonment’ came out. On the 16th of September 1988, it was the moment when the criminal of Yang Mo (13), who was killed in a house in Jinan-ri, Taean-eup, Hwaseong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, turned from Lee Chun-jae to Yoon.

The court’s first sentence was confirmed just one month after the incident. Yoon filed an appeal, but all were dismissed. Investigative agencies and law enforcement officials have concluded the case as a imitation crime of the Mars serial murders.
“I felt like I was going to go crazy day by day. Nobody believed me. The police, prosecutors, judges, and the media have all driven me as the culprit.” Twenty years have passed. In 2009, he was released from Cheongju Prison at the age of 42. Settled in Cheongju because there is no place to go. Haengyeo residents completely concealed their identity to point their fingers. Luckily, I got a job and worked in the dankan, working day and night. There was no living cost, so I received the basic basic living expenses.

Gangsan has changed once more. Another 10 years have passed. In September 2019, the identity of Hwaseong serial killer Lee Chun-jae was revealed. In 1994, he was found to be serving in Busan prison after being murdered in Cheongju for imprisonment. Like the fate of fate, the place where Chun-jae Lee committed the last crime was Cheongju, and the place where Yoon was served as a fake criminal and the place where he currently lives was Cheongju.

“My life is still in 1988. I was afraid wherever I was going to look at me as the culprit of the eighth incident on Mars. In particular, it was always a nightmare when November passed away. I was always sorry that I was a son who couldn’t help my mother in heaven.”

Finally, the police acknowledged their mistake. On the last 2nd, the serial murder case of Lee Chun-Jae was concluded, and the truth of the 8th Hwaseong incident was named as Lee Chun-Jae. From September 1986 to April 1991, Lee Chun-jae was found to have committed 14 murders and 9 rapes, including the eighth.

Yong-ju Bae, head of the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, said, “I condemn you to the head of Yoon for a miserable prisoner for 20 years.” At that time, eight police officers and prosecutors who had been investigated for statutory and coercive investigations were sent away in February on charges of misuse or imprisonment. Among them, there was a police officer who made Mr. Yoon a fake criminal 30 years ago and even made special mention.

“It’s not that the whole frame has been removed yet. The court’s final judgment remains. I want to take my name off as soon as possible and get out of November’s nightmare.”

Yoon’s fight is still ongoing. The reexamination that began in January remains. The Suwon District Court is speeding up the trial by evaluating the body hair collected from the crime scene, Yoon’s hair, and DNA. The sentence is due in November.

However, even if Mr. Yoon is convicted, the criminal responsibility for the police officers and eight prosecutors at that time cannot be held. This is because the statute of limitations has passed.

Yoon wanted only one’serious apology’ to them, but most of them are known to deny allegations of coercion investigation during the fact investigation.

Yun forgave them. Rather, he said thank you.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the police who admitted and apologized for the mistakes of the past. I didn’t get an apology from the police officers who investigated me at the time, but it’s okay now. Now even if I apologize, nothing changes. Forgiving them, I think the people should do it, not me. Many people, not just me, would have been harmlessly… ”

The cigarette smoke he took out disappeared in the summer breeze.