Chiara Galiazzo: ‘I haven’t eaten meat in five years’. Here because

Chiara Galiazzo, former winner of ‘X Factor’ he stopped eating meat for five years now, he has preferred to follow a diet Vegetarian. And it couldn’t be better. The singer shared her choice in a new interview with ‘Grazia’, explaining the reasons that prompted her to eliminate the animals from the plate. “I try to convey how I live and what I am. Five years ago I stopped eating meat because I realized it was going to go away salute mine, but also of planet. Everything concerns us “, the 33-year-old explained.

The artist thinks that everyone should do their part: “If we continue to think that we cannot make a difference on our own, we will never make it. And then it is also great going back to a more way of life ecological.

Chiara Galiazzo, 33, hasn’t eaten meat for five years: she has chosen to become a vegetarian for her health and that of the planet

There are only a few hours left before the release of his new album ‘Bonsai’ (on sale from next July 3). “The world can turn upside down at any moment and if you don’t protect your seeds, your tree will fly away. For some years I have been transferring to music the things I’m completely sure of, even if they don’t follow trends. I recovered my seed and I protect it with my nails and my teeth “, he said.

Speaking of seeds, chatting with the journalist, the Paduan artist, transplanted to Milan for a few years, said: “You know that a Milano Is it practically impossible to find seeds? They have no market. Because the Milanese don’t have the patience to plant them and wait for them to grow. They prefer to buy the plant “.

Written by: on 2/7/2020.