Cherry liqueur that will surely knock you off your feet

Everyone who loves cherries, but also alcohol, has certainly made cherry liqueur at least once in their life. Some, unfortunately, were unsuccessful in that, while others have their own recipe that they have been making for a long time. Either way, we bring you a proven recipe for cherries, which many housewives tried and were very satisfied.

What are the necessary ingredients for cherry liqueur?

All you need to prepare this simple liqueur is:

    • 7 pounds domestic cherries
    • 500 – 680 gram sugar to taste
    • 6 liters vodka
    • 240 milliliters some homemade brandies, preferably plum brandy

How to prepare cherry liqueur?

Mix vodka, brandy and sugar in one a larger glass bowl and stir until the sugar does not melt and combined with alcohol. Cut the cherries and remove the stones. Some nutritionists claim that the seeds of these fruits are full of cyanide which cause increased secretion of gastric acid leading to various gastroenterological problems.

Put the cherries in 2 larger sterilized jars with a wider opening or in some larger glass jar with a lid and pour over them with alcohol and sugar. Mix well, then close the jars or a vessel.

During the first two weeks, it is necessary to shake the jars several times. Then leave the jars in a dark and cool place for at least another 3 months before straining them.

After that advance liker. It is recommended to strain it at least 2 times through strainers with with a larger and smaller sieve. Pour into bottles as desired.