Chemical industry exports increased by 10.2 percent

According to the data of the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters Association (İKMİB), the chemical industry exports increased by 10.17 percent in June 2020 compared to the same period last year and reached 1 billion 429 million dollars.

With the statement made by İKMİB, information on the export figures of the sector was provided. The statement of the Chairman of the Board of Directors opinion fair given the location IKMIB Pelister, in June, the second most exporting sector in the sector as Turkey, has reported to continue to provide added value.

Pointing out that the chemical industry made an export of 1 billion 429 million dollars with an increase of 10.2 percent in June, Pelister said: “Compared to the previous month, an increase of 21.26 percent was achieved. The beginning of the process, which we call the new normal, is important in this increase. The six-month export of our industry reached 8 billion 642 million dollars.

The highest increase in June was in our group of chemical substances with an increase of 119.63 percent. In the list of countries in which we export the most chemicals in June, Iraq ranked first with 89.3 million dollars, while the Netherlands, Germany, USA, England, Iran, Romania, Israel, France and Italy took the top ten. In June, our sector’s exports to the UK attracted attention with a 102.28 percent increase. We hope that this increase will continue in the coming months. “

Pelister stated that the positive course of export data, capacity utilization rate and leading indicators such as Manufacturing Purchase Managers Index showed that the economy is beginning to recover.

Stating that one of the most important issues for exporters is to continue their production and exports while preserving employment, Pelister made the following evaluations:

“In order to achieve this, the support provided by our state to our exporters is very important. The extension of the Short-Term Work Allowance for 1 month is also very important in this regard. In addition, our Trade Minister announced that Eximbank has provided 380 million Euros of credit. It was an important development in terms of transportation.

In other news, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) President also presented the agreement they made with our exporters Job Bank announced a loan of $ 500 million support package. All these developments are promising to us exporters for the future. If we are not exposed to a second wave, I believe that under these conditions, we will have the opportunity to close the year with our figures last year. ”