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While unemployment has risen by 16 percent in the United States, Kim Kardashian boasts unabated billionaire status.

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Earlier this week, Kanye West, 43, took to Twitter and shot wife Kim Kardashian, 39, in the clouds.

– I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West who has officially become a billionaire. You’ve been through the worst storms and now God is giving strength to you and your family, the world-renowned rapper wrote.

The billionaire title Kardashian received after selling 20 percent of cosmetics brand KKW to makeup giant Coty for a staggering $ 200 million.

– Blessed and eternally grateful, Kardashian wrote on Instagram the same day it became known.

The criticism hails

Despite it being recognized by the finance magazine Forbes has gone into denying the allegations, claiming that Kardashian is not worth billions – but $ 900 million, hates criticism of Kardashian’s billionaire status.

According to Cosmopolitan more people are reacting to the way Kardashian and West boast of prosperity, while unemployment in the rest of the country has risen by 16 percent since the corona pandemic.

Days before the boisterous text from her husband Kanye West about her alleged billionaire status, Kardashian tweeted on Twitter about the family’s many horses, cars and not least birthdays.

– Greet North (daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) his Freesian horse. We have 14 beautiful Freesian horses on the farm, she wrote on Twitter earlier this week, with a follow-up Twitter message about the family’s specially designed ATV.

This was simply too uncomfortable for the fans, as several have been severely affected by the pandemic that has ravaged in recent months.

– The money you spent buying one of those horses could have saturated one or two families of four for a whole year. 50 people could have been saturated, but why you have 13 extra horses, one comments on Twitter.

– Honestly, the fact that you choose to boast how many horses you have (without spelling the horse right once) while unemployment has never been higher is a perfect illustration of America in 2020, writes another.

– Wooow, no one cares about your wealth right now. Our country is suffering, writes a third.

Neither Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West have so far regretted or responded to the criticism they have received in recent days.

On Thursday, however, Kardashian shared a video of herself on Instagram promoting her makeup brand KKW Beauty.

Does Khloé Kardashian confirm the engagement rumors here?

Another Kardashian star that draws attention, however, for completely different reasons, is the middle sister Khloé Kardashian (36).

Earlier this week, she put grills in the minds of fans as she shared a number of photos of herself on Instagram from her extravagant birthday celebration.

In the pictures, Kardashian wore a large diamond ring that several claimed was an engagement ring.

– Hello, the rings! I mean, the stone !! wrote a fan for the photos where the ring was visible, while several claimed that boyfriend Tristan Thompson, 29, must have gone down to his knees.

Neither Khloé Kardashian nor Tristan Thompson commented on the many speculations, before Kardashian has now shared a number of words of wisdom on the Instagram profile that several claim to relate to Thompson.

– Keeping focus on what matters, Kardashian should have written a number of words about love and loyalty, according to Mirror.

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– Don’t talk to me about loyalty. I am still sitting here while keeping a close eye on the secrets of others throwing mud at my name, she should have written on.

– Every day we get an opportunity to be better. A chance to change us, a chance to do things differently. Past is past. Let it lie and move on, is another word of wisdom Kardashian should have shared.

The romance rumors between Kardashian and Thompson, which have daughter True together, have ravaged ever since the scandal scandal last year. This time, speculation flared up again after Thompson spent a lot of time with his family during the corona era.

Kardashian has not confirmed whether the words of wisdom are directed at Thompson. According to a source for People however, the couple should have decided to give the relationship another chance.

Looking forward to becoming a dad

Pop star Katy Perry (35) and actress Orlando Bloom (43), on the other hand, have dropped the fight for good. After they ended in 2017, they found each other again, engaged and now they are expecting children.

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In no time the couple becomes parents of a little girl, which the couple is looking forward to immensely. In a recent interview with “Good Morning America”, reproduced by Independent, Bloom could reveal that can’t wait to get to know the new family member.

From a previous relationship with Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom has son Flynn.

– I am really exited. It’s a magical time, he says, adding that he is particularly looking forward to the family time they have in store.

– Only you and the family and the little one. Breastfeeding, and just being present and helping where needed.

He is especially looking forward to the long nights with the upcoming baby.

– Then I can help with the breastfeeding bottles, because I obviously can not breastfeed, he says.