Causes and symptoms of foundation failures

Foundations causes and remedies

The foundations or foundations of a House they are an essential part of the stability of the building, they are the link between the structure and the ground, they serve to transmit the stresses.

The design and the realization of the foundation works must be carried out with the utmost attention e professionalism, the sizing must absolutely take into account the characteristics of the ground as well as the supporting structure of the made, to ensure stability even in extreme conditions, such as during an earthquake.

Being wrong in these early stages means generating a series of issues serie, disruptions that immediately affect the foundations; the failures can be poor resistance of the land, inadequate lift, presence of aquifers and streams, subjection to bulges for periodic changes in temperatures and climate, presence of roots of tall trees.

The failures are not only due to the characteristics of the terrain but also to one design of the building in which the lift of the terrain.

Other causes are attributable to the proximity to high roads traffic vehicular where the stresses are considerable, incorrect disposal rainwater or sewage and many others.

Symptoms of subsidence of the foundation earth

When one foundation it begins to yield, a rather dangerous event occurs which must be done quickly.
Date your dangerousness, attention must be paid to all symptoms, first of all the appearance of cracks on the walls, structural injuries and the presence of depressions on the floor.

Strong are the tensions structural of a building subject to subsidence of the foundations and several crepe which are evident on walls and floors, then also the evident difficulty in closing the doors in a regular and normal way but rather in a forced way.

The crack picture it depends on cases and structures, on typology of the building, if it is a structure in masonry or in reinforced concrete, with soil characteristics.

Ground subsidence foundations buildings, such as remedies

A solution to the subsidence of building foundations is to provide for the consolidation of the land. The company GEOSEC proposes two truly innovative methods of intervention, based on injections of expanding resins e micropali.

Technology for the Consolidation of foundations with expanding resin injections is called SEE&SHOOT®: this is a procedure patent for the consolidation of the foundations, exclusive property of GEOSEC®.

Masonry and reinforced concrete foundations, by GEOSEC
This method was developed specifically to effectively and efficiently tackle i differential settlement of foundations, in a non-invasive, rapid and precise way.

Systems are used geophysicists integrated soil control to have a unique solution, qualified by prestigious certifications technical and accompanied by possible coverage of warranty ten-year posthumous insurance.

Interventions for consolidating masonry foundations

The interventions to consolidate the foundations of masonry consist of a series of steps that allow the execution of injections of expanding resins both on the surface and in depth, even up to 15 meters, on multiple overlapping levels.

The Consolidation occurs in a targeted, effective and uniform way; the subsidence differentials are completely eliminated in full safety and the volume of the soil becomes compact again.

Of course, before doing the injections, the company technicians perform some geophysical investigations and some geotechnical tests through site inspection preparatory, to ensure the best conditions of intervention.

Following this, a series of holes with a variable diameter between 20 and 30 mm with an average distance between 0.5 and 1.5 meters, in plan and in vertical section, below thefootprint of the transferred foundation.

The experts of the sector constantly monitor with cutting-edge tools, then carry out investigations repetitive 4D geophysics before, during and after the treatment, even in the stable pieces of land under the building, integrating with further prove penetrometriche.

Reinforcement of foundations and monitoring of GEOSEC
During the course of work the improvements make the injections project to the treated soil, adapting the quantity of the resin, the volumes of treatment.

The goal is to get it right Consolidation foundations and an adequate homogeneity of work for everything benefit uniformity of equilibrium even with undelivered and therefore more stable areas.

ERT 4D LIVE tomography and foundation consolidation

The Tomografia ERT 4D LIVE it is used to first identify the voids, the cavities and the presence of water in the ground, in a three-dimensional way, without excavations and demolitions, also and above all where other tests could not be performed.

Verification of foundations: non-invasive GEOSEC intervention
It’s a method useful to better define the design of the injections and then check what happens during the treatment for a better uniformity and balance between the stable areas of the foundation and those sold to be consolidated.

Sagging foundations, which resin to choose

The expanding resin to be used to consolidate the foundations and the ground is the GEOSEC one which takes the name of MAXIMA®, exclusive geopolymer periodically tested and certified by authorized laboratories, with high quality performance, very stable over time and compliant with European standards applicable in the field of environmental protection, health and hygiene at work, designed specifically for the Consolidation of foundations with injections of expanding resins and therefore for the contrast aimed at subsidence differentials.

This resin is produced exclusively by prestigious multinationals of the industrial chemical sector according to specifications technical coming from the experiences of the GEOSEC team®.

Structural settlement and foundation consolidation with micropiles

The active, minimally invasive, piling technology with micropiles near windows for the structural consolidation deep of the foundations takes its name GROUNDFIX®.

This system uses special modular elements in steel assembled and pressure fixtures in the ground with jacks plumbers fixed to the original foundation structure, more plates and Malta high strength anchor.

It’s a solution of consolidation foundations that acts more in depth for the purpose of transferring loads towards more important terrains; the poles must be able to anchor and contrast with the built structure, they are slowly introduced into the ground a pressure constant, with a battery of elements until the solid project horizon is reached.

Once thepiling is finished, before giving solidarity to the palo to the original foundation, it is possible to apply loads higher than the operating ones, with consequent inhibition of post-connection primary failure. It is also possible to make one test load for final testing of the foundation consolidation work on each individual micropalo.

They can also be added injections of expanding resins on the surface to restore contact between the foundation original and the laying surface, to improve theramming of the soil in the layer crossed by the pole.

Causes and symptoms of subsidence: the editorial staff recommends

Foundations failures

If they are found probleLogo GEOSECmatiche structural due to subsidence foundations, contact the company’s technical managers GEOSEC by consulting the site

This working reality has gotten important certifications techniques that commit technicians to respect the highest market standards according to clear, precise and transparent rules. The technicians and the skilled workers have proven experience and expertise in the field of Consolidation foundations and land use non-rental equipment, do not subcontract processing to external companies, do not use staff occasional.

The price requested by them, it is among the best in terms of quality and price, there are no unnecessary top-ups and additional costs. In short, it is a solid, responsible, highly qualified and ever-present company, working for the safety of the house and its stability.

, Italian body of certification and most authoritative inspection in the construction sector, UNI member, attributed to procedure of application relating to the intervention procedure SEE&SHOOT® the positive technical opinion and the official recognition that these procedure can constitute a useful and precise reference for the definition of the rule of art in the Consolidation of land, within the methods observational requirements of the new technical standards on construction.