Car owner: The car seems to have abuse problems with engine oil

A Smaland car dealer has sold a used car to Finland. However, the new owner is not happy and says the car drinks oil as if it were “more or less alcoholic”.

In Småland has a car dealer who calls himself Marja replaced a German car recently as part payment for a “really nice” Swedish car. One of the dealer’s newly hired salesman asked the owner if the car went well and if there were any hidden errors? “Nah,” the reply sounded and the deal came to a close. The German exchange then ended up in Jyväskylä, Finland.

A few months after the export, the Finnish owner called and said that he had to refill a lot of engine oil all the time. He said the car was “more or less alcoholic”, drank a pint of engine oil at 100 miles. The car had only gone 9,700 miles and was four years old.

– It feels strange to have one a relatively new car would misuse oil in such quantities, writes Marja.

She contacted the old owner and asked if he had had to put a lot of oil into the engine. “Nah,” answered Marja, although she recalled that they had asked about this, the answer became the same again.

Marja writes that they have had a “lot of email conversation back and forth” with the Finn where he has informed them of at least two oil surveys that show the same thing; about a pint of oil at 100 miles. Now the car owner demands the dealer at 5,000 euros. Marja writes to MRF’s expert panel: What should they do?

Joachim Due-Boje is responsible for service marketing issues at MRF. Sits on the General Complaints Board.

MRF expert: “When it comes to oil consumption you are without a chance”

The Consumer Purchase Act is clear with original errors, so-called purchase law errors. Since the car has been in control several times at the workshop, they would have noticed any sudden leakage. The high oil consumption was probably from the beginning.

For the first six months, it is the trader who has the burden of proof that the error did not exist from the beginning, so when it comes to oil consumption you are without a chance, I would say.

Other errors that can be assessed in ARN The original ones are rust, squeaky brake caliper, rusty brake lines / cracked brake hoses, noises in gearboxes shortly after purchase, etc.

My advice is not to pay any money, but let the case be tried in Swedish ARN first so that it becomes an impartial assessment.

Joachim Due-Boje, responsible for service-marketing issues at the Swedish Motor Industry Association (MRF)

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