Cancer Patients Should Strengthen Their Immunity To Avoid Corona – Cancer patients strengthen their immunity to avoid corona

Cancer patients are facing many difficulties in treatment due to corona. Because the immunity of the body of cancer patients is weak.

Full sleep, nutritious food
Treatment of cancer reduces the patient’s immunity. This increases the risk of her being infected with the corona virus. In this case, he should take these special precautions in routine and catering.
Eat nutritious and digestible food.
– Avoid eating half-baked things
– Eat homemade items instead of packed.
– Include seasonal fruits and vegetables.
– Get eight to ten hours of deep sleep.
– Do regular yoga, exercise and pranayam.
– Take medicines on time and take precautions.
Take care of them
Keep social distance. Avoid getting out of the house. Apply the correct size mask when going out. Applying a loose mask is like not wearing a mask. Wash hands periodically with soap.
Expert: Dr. Sandeep Jasuja, Medical Superintendent, State Cancer Institute of SMS Medical College Jaipur