Bull Armors, tough tempered glass protective film at Thailand mobile Expo 2020

Back then, Thailand Mobile Expo and special price fair, Thailand Mobile Expo 2020, was held from 2-5 July 63 at Bitec Bangna. Toughened protective glass Bull Armors Do not miss to participate in this event as well. And come with great promotions as usual

Inside the booth Bull Armors There is a standard Japanese product display. Selected for all your beloved smart phones With outstanding features that the protective film must have Both strength 9H + scratch resistant. Or concussion With Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating both inside and outside with electricity The high-density protective glass therefore Gives a smooth touch Reducing fingerprints to occur With a clear clear screen See the screen clearly Importantly, when the glass is broken, it will not spread as well.

In addition, the Bull Armors protective film is easy to stick on. “Drop and release” The glass will be sucked into the screen automatically. No bubbles Can be re-pasted many times Without leaving around the glue Fit on the machine edge Whether a flat screen smartphone or curved edge

The protective film for the smart phone with a curved screen Can be attached tightly Provides a smooth touch, does not push the case, and has a Cleanning Kit to clean before installing it in the box.
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