Bugatti, the most dynamic Chiron Pur Sport tested in Green Hell

It’s aboutBugatti experience in its purest form. A unique car (or almost), a direct evolution of the Bugatti Chiron, the fastest track car that has never existed so far. We are talking about the Chiron Pur Sport, hypercar that the manufacturer of Molsheim will make in just 60 copies with a list price of 3 million euros.

Compared to the original version, the Pur Sport will have a recalibrated chassis and suspension, with stiffer springs. Precautions that allow to improve driveability of the French sports car, which becomes more dynamic and agile when cornering. Not only that: thanks to the “slimming care” to which it has been subjected, the new Bugatti Chiron loses 50 kilograms, gaining acceleration and grip on the asphalt. In short, the hypercar has all the credentials to give emotions both on city streets and on the track.

And, in these days, the prototype of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, also available in the Star Wars version, is engaged in a series of tests in what could be called the track par excellence. To test the characteristics of their new hypercar, transalpine technicians used the Nordschleife (literally “North Ring”), the most famous of the circuits created within the Nürburgring. A hell of curves and straights immersed in the greenery of central-eastern Germany which served as a frame for the tests of the chassis control software which is also responsible for the steering, the shock absorbers and the ESC.

source: Bugatti press office

“It is extremely important that Chiron Pur Sport customers can immediately perceive the much more radical approach that we have adopted for this model in terms of driving dynamics – said Stefan Ellrott, head of development for Bugatti – and with its unusual topography, numerous curves and high speed section the Nordschleife is ideal for our new car, which is more agile and faster ”than the previous model.

The green hell – this is the name with which the German circuit is also known – was not the only track on which the Chiron Pur Sport has circulated. In the days when the prototypes were busy in the North Ring they took advantage of it for Also “test” the German roads and motorways, while in the previous months and weeks the French hypercar had ground kilometers on the asphalt of circuits across Europe. The apprenticeship, however, is destined to last a short time: the Chiron Pur Sport will be delivered already in the coming months. And, among the lucky 60, there could also be Cristiano Ronaldo.