British Police Hacking Encrochat Application To Collect Criminals

The Business Insider reported that the UK Criminal Suppression Agency (NCAA) has broken into the system of Encrochat, an encrypted chat service application. It led to the invasion of a large group of more than 700 criminals on Thursday (2 July 2020) and seized more than 67.5 million US dollars of illegal assets consisting of cash, drugs, cars and Firearm

This “NCAA” Issued a statement stating that the encrypted conversation system of It is popular among criminals for crime planning, such as drug recall, money laundering and murder, with more than 60,000 users and a service fee of US $ 1,870. This has been shut down after being revealed to be involved in the crime planning.

Although no details have been revealed about the process of capturing and decrypting conversation messages. However, the British Criminal Suppression Agency said that the UK has partnered with investigators from both the Netherlands and France to capture and decipher more than 1 million messages, including sharing data with the European Police from Europe. Then followed the suspect group for more than 2 months until leading to the arrest this time