Bras de fer government – Chinese for the PLO shipyard

The construction or not construction of a shipyard by PPA SA The case came to Parliament, where the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, assured that “the government is not considering a possible amendment to the concession agreement for the port of Piraeus to be granted permission. construction of a shipyard in PPA SA “. In the mandatory investments of PPA SA A total of 55m euros is expected to be invested in the N / Zone, including floating reservoirs. So far, 31m euros have been invested and another 24m euros are pending. “This is our goal to solve the problems and to approach the Greek-owned ships to return to the Zone,” he said.

More specifically, Giannis Plakiotakis, answering a question from the MP of MERA25, Fotini Bakadima, regarding the decision of the CoE, according to which the appeal of the Attica Region against the PPA SA is rejected. for the non-construction of a shipyard he pointed out:

“There is no thought for the government to amend the Concession Agreement. Our unwavering and long-standing position is to support the 450 shipbuilding and 1,500 support companies, which provide a total of 20,000 permanent and about 7,000 other periodic jobs.

Our goal is to upgrade the shipbuilding and repair infrastructure, to solve problems and to provide incentives to attract more ships, mainly to the Greek-owned Shipping, in Piraeus and to the Shipbuilding and Repair Zone.

I would like to remind you that the Concession Agreement, ratified by Law 4404/2016, concerning Shipbuilding Repair, reflects the situation that has existed for decades, that is, the PPA is the lessee of Shipbuilding Repair Infrastructure and has no involvement in shipbuilding.

Shipbuilding and Repair Activities are exercised exclusively by companies registered in the National Register of Shipbuilding and Repair Companies of Law 3551/2007. In simple words, with the Concession Agreement of 2016, the PPA was granted the exercise and exploitation of specific services in the Port of Piraeus.

Shipbuilding and Repair Activity is not among those granted by the Greek State to the PPA. Therefore, according to the Concession Agreement, the PPA has no right to establish a Shipyard, nor to engage in any way (nor as an intermediary) in shipbuilding and repair activities.

Knowing all this, the government did not approve the establishment of a shipyard in the PPA’s MasterPlan. “

Giannis Plakiotakis also referred to the CoC’s decision on the matter:

“Let me clarify, on the occasion, that the CoE, with its decision 766/2020, did not allow the PPA to establish a shipyard. The Supreme Court of Cassation ruled that the establishment of high-level processing activities at the Perama Shipbuilding and Repair Zone is permitted. Given that the decision of the Attica Region to reject the PPA’s request for the establishment of a shipyard was based on the prohibition of establishing a high-pressure shipyard in Attica, the CoE addressed the issue to the Attica Region for a new crisis.