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The #DesignConnection of Campari Soda. To the project Serena Confalonieri, Agustina Bottoni and Matteo Agati: three emerging talents called to draw a trio of furnishings starting from the silhouette of the famous artist bottle of the “Camparino”. Created in 1932 from the futurist Fortunato Depero with its indistinguishable stylized form of inverted chalice it has become an icon, like the ruby ​​red aperitif that fills it.

With a scratchy image, the Milanese brand has always focused on the avant-garde: from the posters Belle Epoque all futuristic (opening), from the lettering of Bruno Munari to the copyright spots of Federico Fellini. Today Campari renews the close link with art and design by presenting the special collection #without labels. Without labels such as the iconic bottle, which has become the symbol of free style by the Campari Soda conventions.


Augustina Bottoni, Matteo Agati, Serena Confalonieri

The contemporary challenge is revealed on social media and sees the direct participation of the Instagram Community in the interactive project by Agustina Bottoni who signs the first Campari Soda #SenzaFronzoli coat hanger, conceived in collaboration with the network. To participate, scroll the channel Instagram Campari Soda and his Instagram Stories Poll: throughout this first week of July, you can decide the appearance of the object together with the Argentine cosmopolitan designer with a stylized sign, poised between the glam of fashion and the rigor of architecture.

The ‘design show’ continues on Campari Soda’s social networks. From July 6th Serena Confalonieri presents his #SenzaMaschere lamp, where he reinterprets the Campari Soda bottle in a creative mix and match between originality and tradition. A little retro “faithful to the historical Heritage” and very current, as is typical of his disruptive sign of ironic and generous designer, among the irreverent of the new made in Italy.

It has been online since July 13th Matteo Agati With the’#SenzaFretta clock: “This object, so indispensable for our daily lives, it will mark only a particular moment of the day, stopping time for a moment and thus allowing the mind to travel freely “, promise the brand and the designer who looks to the future, calibrating exact lines, essentiality and latest generation materials.


Franz Marangolo, Campari Soda is always young !, 1960

Turn off the spotlight of the network, the #DesignConnection collection will become part of the heritage of Campari Gallery in Sesto San Giovanni, in perfect company with Art Nouveau posters, posters of Marcello Dudovich, Adolf Hohenstein e Leonetto Cappiello, posters Futurists, advertising graphics 60’s, commercials and books artist. A century-long history that links art, design and the red drink with a still secret recipe. A story that began with Gaspare Campari – who had invented the Bitter Campari and opened the historic bar in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan – and continued with his son Davide Campari, true entrepreneur of the patron than throwing the first single-dose aperitif the world had the intuition to entrust its aesthetics to the geometries of Depero. By transforming packaging into a work.