Bogdan Vintilă feels under “bombardment”, after Ilie Dumitrescu said that he is a coach without personality. Who are the two players from FCSB who return to the match with FC Botoșani | VIDEO

Bogdan Vintilă is under pressure. Gigi Becali made him dust after the lost match with Astra, and Ilie Dumitrescu revealed that the players are not training properly. The FCSB coach is convinced that they want to destabilize the club. Before the match with FC Botoșani he received two good news. The list of injured players is a little shorter.

Gigi Becali told him that he is “aerial”, Adi Popa harshly criticized him, and Ilie Dumitrescu also attacked. The former international revealed some behind-the-scenes information from FCSB training and said that Vintilă has no personality.

“I talked to Adi Popa and he told me what was happening. There are some top players who do not train 100%. Too bad for their talent, too bad for the potential they have.

But, in front of a coach lacking personality and calm by the orders of the owner, who always asks them not to miss the first 11, they do not give their best during training “, said Ilie Dumitrescu at Digi Sport

“I do not consider that the players have lost their respect, from what they see and feel. They’re trying, they’re trying somehow… this is the new current… They’re trying (pausing for a few seconds) to find someone responsible.

The players do their job, they don’t play for me. They can play for me too, but not just for me. When this “bombing” came on us, on the FCSB club, it induces a state of insecurity.

This is what is wanted: destabilizing the club! I told the players that this should not destabilize and affect us, and we should give one hundred percent on the field. We have to do what is good for the club, not for one person. Club “, said the FCSB coach.

Bogdan Vintilă can use Coman and Panțîru

Bogdan Vintilă received two good news before the confrontation with FC Botoșani. Florinel Coman recovered from the injury from the match with CFR Cluj and will be the starter in the match with the Moldovan team. Without him on the field, the red-blues failed to win the games with Gaz Metan and Astra Giurgiu.

Another reliable reason is the return of Ionuț Panțîru, after almost 4 months of absence. Bogdan Vintilă confirmed the information provided exclusively by ProSport.

“Panțîru and Coman returned. Apart from Nedelcu and Filip, who are injured for a long time, I also injured Oaidă, who will also enter next week “, said Vintilă.

Bogdan Vintilă press conference!

# liga1 #playoff # stage6 # fcsbbotoșaniThe FCSB coach, Bogdan Vintilă, spoke, in a press conference, about the match with Fotbal Club Botoșani, on Saturday, as well as about other aspects related to the life of the team he is preparing.

Published by FCSB on Friday, July 3, 2020