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Nitra businessman Norbert Bödör.

The son of the influential Nitra businessman Norbert Bödör, who is allegedly among the accused in the Dobytkár corruption case, is returning to Slovakia. This was confirmed for the daily Pravda by his lawyer Adrián Kucek. He also added that he was asked to return by the police due to the Cattle case related to corruption in the environment of the Agricultural Paying Agency.

The Cattle case has received an unexpected turnaround, or is nearing climax. After the detention of 19 people, including former agency director Juraj Kožuch and former Slavia Capital group financier Martin Kvietik, the National Criminal Agency managed to accuse three other people of having to wash more than 10 million euros in bribes.

“As part of the ‘Dobytkár’ action throughout the Slovak Republic, it carried out detention and brought charges against three natural persons and two legal entities for a particularly serious crime of money laundering,” the police presidium informed on the social network. However, due to the ongoing investigation, the police do not want to provide further information at this time. The photo attached to the police contribution states that the bribes were to reach up to EUR 10,400,400.

According to the aktuality.sk portal, Norbert Bödör, a well-prosecuted businessman Marian Kočner, is to be known among the accused. However, his lawyer Adrián Kucek refused to confirm this information. “I read about it, but I can’t confirm it to you, because I didn’t receive any such notification,” Kucek responded for Pravda.

Bödör has reportedly been in Dubai since February, where he was to buy a luxury residence shortly after Marian Kočner was accused of murdering journalist Ján Kuciak. He even had to establish a permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates.

Kucek confirmed that Bödör really stayed there, but returned to Slovakia two weeks ago. “After the end of the school year, the client went on holiday to the sea with his family and is currently returning to Slovakia, because in connection with the Dobytkár case yesterday he was informed by the police that it should be available,” Kucek told Pravde on Friday.

The journalist Ján Kuciak also wrote about the dubious payment of agricultural subsidies in his last article. As part of the investigation into his assassination, the connection of the Italian mafia in eastern Slovakia to the then leadership of the government office around Prime Minister Robert Fico was one of the hottest tracks.

Although this direction of the murder investigation has not been established, the criminal cases concerning persons and companies from Kuciak’s article have been re-examined by the Prosecutor General’s Office, which in many cases has found several irregularities.

After less than two years, NAKA ran in full force and at the beginning of May the police informed that in the Dobytkár case they registered a total of 19 accused natural persons and five accused legal persons, with the total amount of bribes amounting to 1.5 million euros. On Tuesday, the number of accused rose to 22 people and seven legal entities, and after these latest interventions by the criminal agency, it seems that the case has reached a stage where the accusations may increase in the highest circles.

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