BMW M135i im Car-Connectivity-Test – connect

BMW does a lot of things right when it comes to connectivity and in-car entertainment with the M135i and thus secures the clear test victory in this large comparison test. There are only a few major weaknesses, which means that the BMW can also score at least “good” in every single discipline.

The Bavarian engine factories can also pay this royally. But quality has its price, as a look at the test results shows.


Our test car M135i was equipped with the “Business Package Professional” for 3,100 euros and thus already had many amenities such as the great “BMW Head-up Display” and the “BMW Live Cockpit Professional” on board. The latter consists of two 10.25-inch high-resolution screens, one behind the steering wheel and one as a touch version centrally on the dashboard. Given the premium price that BMW is calling, the cockpit display could be a bit bigger.

It is operated either via the touchscreen, the steering wheel buttons, the iDrive controller in the center console, online speech processing with natural vocabulary or via a gesture control (300 euros) that worked reliably in the test car. The voice control, on the other hand, could be faster and sometimes seemed sluggish in the test.

The user interface on the main screen with the split-screen display, which can be configured almost freely by the driver in terms of content, size and arrangement, is also really successful and can also be operated intuitively and quickly. There are also eight hardkeys next to the volume control, which the user can assign to different functions such as radio stations or contacts.

As a specialty among the test candidates, the BMW has “screen mirroring” and is therefore able to display the complete display content of a compatible smartphone on the on-board display using a WLAN connection. In this way, or via the usual Bluetooth connection, all streaming services can easily get into the car.

Speaking of streaming services: Natively, the BMW already mastered Napster in the test. The driver can also view pictures, websites or videos on the car screen. For audio and video files, this also works via the two USB ports.

In terms of smartphone integration, the M135i should master both Apple Carplay and Android Auto, both of which are wireless, according to the online configurator. While Carplay worked without any problems, we were unfortunately unable to test Android Auto because the feature will only be released in July.

Conclusion: There is little to complain about when it comes to entertainment, only the cockpit display could be bigger.

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