An important milestone is the Coupé 2 in the life of BMW Mexico: the model will be manufactured exclusively here and shipped from there to all markets around the world. To celebrate this, they created a work of art that symbolizes both Germany and Mexico.

If it’s BMW and a work of art, it makes sense Art Car: BMW has been making cars available to renowned artists for decades to serve as paintings. You can read about the antecedents here, but now let’s look at the four-wheel painting in Mexico.

The colors of the flags of the two countries are mixed on the car, complemented by the orange, which is the defining color of the Día de Muertos, i.e. the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

This car is hidden in the colors of two countries 2

The painting also shows the prickly pear cactus, which is common in the region, as a symbol of nature protection, while the dual human figure symbolizes the power of organization and cooperation.

Eight different shades were used in the implementation; 6.1 liters of automotive paint and 2.5 liters of topcoat were consumed. The car was painted entirely by hand in the paint shop of the factory’s training center. Here, constant humidity, temperature and air purity ensure the perfect quality of the paintwork. The samples were applied in three weeks, the varnishing lasted for another two weeks, and once again two were spent polishing.

This car is hidden in the colors of two countries 3

Below you can see a video showing the process of creation, click on the picture!

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