Biserko: Neighboring countries should be concerned about rattlesnakes 1Photo: MOD (archive)

All countries in the region have reason to worry about the rattling of weapons coming from Serbia, Sonja Biserko, chairwoman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, told Danas, commenting on a statement by US Ambassador Anthony Godfrey. procurement of military equipment.

The way in which Serbia sees regional cooperation, investing more money in the purchase of military equipment than in infrastructure, ie economic and cultural connections with neighboring countries, is obviously a topic that instead of connecting indicates the opposite of such intentions.

That was the reason the American ambassador, Saying that the United States does not see Serbia as a threat, he noted that the way Serbia treats its neighbors is important. and how they experience it.

Biserko: Neighboring countries should be concerned about rattlesnakes 2
Photo: Miroslav Dragojevic

He then said that if he were from the region, he would ask himself why Serbia spends so much on military equipment, instead of investing that money in infrastructure.

– It is obvious that the Ambassador of the United States of America is well acquainted with the situation in the region. President Aleksandar Vučić constantly emphasizes the military supremacy of Serbia. All the neighbors have reason to be worried about the rattling of weapons. Serbia is de facto militarily superior to all its neighbors. Without Russia’s support, Serbia would not be so arrogant and loud – Sonja Biserko believes.

Russian media are announcing the construction of a nuclear power plant in Serbia, Biserko reminds, emphasizing that “again an attempt is being made to impose Russia as a key energy supplier to the region.”

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Sonja Biserko (Photo: Media Center)

– The Ambassador also drew Serbia’s attention to diversify its energy procurement. The Russian nuclear plant passed without any reactions. Russia has entered deep into the Balkans, Serbia above all, on several tracks. Through the church, security structures, various personalities such as Aleksandar Vulin, Nenad Popović and the main propaganda editor of Novosti, Milorad Vučelić. President Vučić emphasizes his closeness to Vladimir Putin, they met 12 times. However, Moscow analysts point out that Putin does not trust him. We will see if the Balkans will also be a topic of conversation during the meeting between Putin and US President Biden – our interlocutor concludes.

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The American ambassador also pointed out that Serbia has opted for military neutrality and that its decision is a partnership with Russia, but that Belgrade is also a strong partner of Washington and that it also buys military equipment from France and the United States.