Bin Dagher .. The prime minister is not a spoil until the names compete with her – Tuhama Press

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Dr. commented. Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher, Adviser to the President of the Republic on the names circulated to occupy the presidency of the government supposed to be formed under the “Riyadh Agreement” signed between the Yemeni government and the “Southern Transitional Council” on the fifth of last November.

Bin Dagher said in a tweet via his Twitter account, that “the prime minister is not a spoil until the names compete with her,” denying that one of the candidates for prime minister will be “who will seek this mission today – and I am not one of them – he must realize the size and weight of responsibility.”

The former prime minister affirmed that the country “is undergoing catastrophic circumstances, in which reason has been absent and passions have been controlled by us, but Yemen will produce, even later, the reasons for its strength, unity and immunity.”

Reports are running on the names of three candidates for prime minister, Moein Abdel-Malik, the current head of government, Rashad Al-Alimi, the president’s advisor, and Khaled Bahah, the former prime minister and article vice president, amid expectations that Moein is the most fortunate.