Bill Gates suggests that the rapid spread of CoVID-19 is the fault of Facebook and other giants – NeeWS

During TED Talk, he predicted that the next huge global catastrophe would not be war, but rather a highly contagious virus – an argument for conspiracy theorists who tie Bill Gates to a pandemic? None of these things, it is more about a substantive analysis of the situation: – Part of the reason for this will be the fact that we have invested huge resources in systems to contain nuclear attacks. But at the same time, we invested little in the system to stop the epidemic – explained the founder of Microsoft at the time. And it’s hard to disagree with him, because pandemic is the final test of health care and in most countries unfortunately failed or passed with a poor result.

And although the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded many different vaccine studies before the global lockdown, in this case milk has already spilled and we have to face the consequences of our previous decisions. However, Bill Gates is not going to give up and is constantly fighting for a better tomorrow – he recently spoke for example at the Fast Company Impact Council, where he formulated several strategies for fighting coronavirus. One of the most interesting points here was the indication that social media – where many people get information from – could have done much more to provide the public with proven and helpful information.

– Can social media be more useful in this case? What creativity do we have here? Unfortunately, digital tools probably contributed to what I think are crazy ideas, “said Gates. And he certainly knows something about those because, as we mentioned, he was the hero of many of them, and one directly suggested that he knew about coronavirus much earlier, but he not only did not stop him, but also helped him multiply. For what? To use it to implement its plan to track everyone in the world through chips implanted with the vaccine and controlled by 5G.

And although it’s hard to imagine anyone believing in these fanciful theories, they are still preached and spread, like others suggesting that keeping distance is unnecessary and wearing masks does not work, because coronavirus is one big fake. – Wearing masks is difficult to understand, because it is not troublesome. They are not expensive, and some people still think that this is how they manifest their freedom, despite the risk of infecting other people – adds Gates. The founder of Microsoft unambiguously suggests that we need to strengthen leadership, both from the government and social media, which should set an example and provide only proven information if we do not want the second wave of pandemics to hit us in the fall with even greater force.

Source: / Photo. Piqsels