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Biden and the cabinet have shown signs of rebellion against the communists on Facebook. He crushed the opposition party and sold a large number of famous British schools for money * Apollo News Network

Hello everyone, audience friends, welcome to watch the Apollo News Network Hot Spots Directly Hit Major Events in the United States, I am Li Yuhan, and today is February 22nd. Monday.

Resolutely opposing communism and fighting against Facebook, the popularity of Australia’s Morrison polls rose again, and on the one hand they fell ahead and crushed opposition leaders. Under the high pressure of the military government, the Burmese took to the streets on a large scale to bury the shot girls and continue to protest.

17 British schools were acquired by Chinese investors. British media said: It’s been too long for money. British schools that have been acquired by Chinese investors can be found on Apollo.com.

The U.S. media exclusively began to associate two key members of the Biden administration with the CCP. For unknown signs, experts pointed out: Biden’s speech was a terrible concession to the CCP. The former US National Security Advisor disclosed that Beijing relies on the military to hide the epidemic.

Some analysts say that there is an obvious difference between Biden and the Trump administration. The rejection of CCP cancer cells will profoundly affect everyone’s future vitality.

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Rebelling against the Communist Party on Facebook, Morrison’s polls rose again, leading the opposition leader

The latest Australian opinion poll results show that the popularity of Federal Chancellor Morrison is still rising. As the prime minister, he still maintains an absolute lead over opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

The Epoch Times compiled a report that the Australian newspaper website announced the latest results of the exclusive news poll (Newspoll) last Sunday (February 21). Before Monday in Australia, as Prime Minister Morrison criticized the news ban imposed on Australia by the tech giant Facebook, his voter support rate had soared to the highest level since he became prime minister.

The poll results show that as far as the prime minister is concerned, Morrison’s approval rating has risen by 4 percentage points to 61%, consolidating his dominance as the preferred leader of Australians. Albanese’s approval rate dropped by 3 percentage points to 26%. This is the biggest gap between the two since August last year.

Voters’ satisfaction with Morrison as a leader rose by 1 percentage point to 64%, which is the highest level since Morrison took office as prime minister and the longest time the prime minister’s support rate has been maintained; dissatisfaction with him The degree dropped by 1 percentage point to 32%.

Polls show that voters’ satisfaction with Albanis dropped by 3 percentage points to 38%; dissatisfaction was 45%. His net approval rating is the lowest since he became the leader of the Labour Party.

The poll was conducted from February 17 to 20 this year. 1,504 voters from mainland Australian capital cities and remote areas participated in the online survey.

Morrison opposed the marriage of same-sex couples. In terms of his cautious attitude towards Chinese investment, he once said that Chinese acquisitions are “contrary to Australia’s national interests.” In January 2021, Morrison warned that the Beijing authorities’ global ambitions had become “more inconsistent” with Australia’s sovereign interests.

Morrison previously criticized the CCP in high profile on many occasions, and the public commented on it: “The more anti-Communist, the more popular it is, and those who win it win the world.”

Burmese took to the streets on a large scale to bury the shot girl

On February 21, in Nay Pyi Taw, people mourned the shot girl

People from all over Myanmar held peaceful demonstrations again on the 21st. In Naypyidaw, Myanmar, thousands of people drove cars or ride motorcycles for the 20-year-old girl who was shot and killed by the military during the protest. Kay (Mya Thwate Thwate Khaing) funeral.

Miao Duiduikai was killed on February 19 when he was hit in the head by a rubber bullet fired by the military during a protest. She was the first protester shot by the military. From being admitted to the hospital to confirming his death, Miao Duduikai has been closely monitored by the Myanmar military, and even her grandparents have not been allowed to enter the hospital for visits.

To mourn the people who escorted the body of Miao Duiduikai to the cemetery along the road, and raised three fingers symbolizing resistance to totalitarianism, shouting “Stop the massacre and stop the use of lethal weapons!”

Myanmar’s military repression continued to escalate. On the 20th, a bloody repression broke out in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city. At least two protesters were shot and killed. About 30 people were injured and many were arrested. On the 21st, a large number of people still took to the streets to protest without fear of the military’s shooting and suppression.

The Burmese people are planning to hold the largest demonstration since the coup on the 22nd. Shops and some companies will be closed for strike. The largest retailer City Mart has also announced the closure of all branches to support the people. At present, almost all private banks in Myanmar have closed their branches, and cash from ATMs is quickly airspaced almost every day.

The bloody suppression by the Myanmar military has been condemned by the international community. The United States, Britain, Canada and other countries have successively imposed sanctions on Myanmar military personnel or organizations, including freezing assets and prohibiting entry.

17 schools in the UK were acquired by Chinese capital and British media: it has been too long for money

At present, Chinese-funded enterprises have acquired at least 17 British schools, many of which are quite prestigious. The acquired schools have become a tool for the CCP to expand globally and export party culture. This situation has aroused great concerns among British politicians.

The British media “The Mail on Sunday” reported on February 21 that hundreds of British private schools that were in financial distress due to the pandemic are becoming targets for acquisition by Chinese investors.

The report said that at least 17 British schools have been acquired by Chinese companies, and it is estimated that this number will continue to rise. Moreover, the founders or bosses of nine of the Chinese-funded acquisitions of the schools are “the most senior CCP members.” One of the Chinese-funded enterprises has publicly declared that its acquisition of British schools is part of the CCP’s “One Belt One Road” strategy, which aims to expand Beijing’s global influence.

The report pointed out that after these schools were acquired by Chinese companies, they became part of the CCP’s global expansion and export of its party culture and ideology. The British government should face up to the CCP’s brainwashing of British children.

The report also specifically mentioned Bright Scholar, a Chinese-funded enterprise that has acquired several British schools.

Since 2018, Bright Scholar Education Group has successively acquired a number of British schools and schools. In 2019, at a price of 150 million pounds (about 192 million US dollars), the wholly-owned acquisition of Cambridge Arts & Sciences College of the British Education Group (Cambridge Arts & Sciences College).

“The truth is that our government has been pro-China for too long, all because of money.” This report screamed that the educational integrity of thousands of British children is being threatened, and British educational institutions must take this seriously and urgently. Solve this problem.

British schools that have been acquired by Chinese investors can be found on Apollo.com. Please click:

Abbots Bromley School,Staffordshire

Bournemouth Collegiate School

St Michael’s School in Llanelli,Carmarthanshire

Bosworth Independent College in Northampton

Bedstone College in Shropshire

Ipswich High School

Kingsley School in Bideford,Devon,

Heathfield Knoll School,Kidderminster

Thetford Grammar School in Norfolk

Wisbech Grammar in Cambridgeshire

Riddlesworth Hall Preparatory School in Norfolk

Adcote School for Girls near Shrewsbury,Shropshire

Myddelton College in Denbigh, Wales

Wellington College in Crowthorne,Berkshire

CATS Colleges-Campuses are in London,Cambridge and Canterbury)

U.S. media began to associate two key officials in the Biden administration with the CCP: She Ma Yun partner

US media “Pulse of the Country” recently exclusively reported that Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan and China’s senior adviser on policy planning Mira Rapp-Hooper andCCP Association. Hupa serves as a researcher at the Paul Tsai Center at Yale University, which absorbs millions of CCP funds and includes CCP authorities and affiliates with its military as researchers and speakers.

According to the China Compilation Report, Sullivan is currently the US national security adviser. He and former security adviser O’Brien have obvious differences in policies towards the Chinese Communist Party. Sullivan does not believe that the CCP is the primary threat to the United States. O’Brien believes that the first security challenge facing the United States is the CCP, followed by Iran, Russia, and transnational criminal groups.

Houpa, Biden’s senior adviser on China’s policy planning, also has a position in the United Nations. He previously worked as a senior researcher at the China Center in Cai Zhong.

Cai Zhongzeng China Center has a close relationship with the CCP military

The Cai Zhongzeng China Center was re-established in 2016 when Cai Chongxin, the son of Alibaba co-founder Cai Zhongzeng, donated US$30 million. As we all know, Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma, has close financial and personnel ties with the CCP.

Tsai Chongxin (Joseph Tsai) is also a “patron” of the China-US Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which is supported by the Chinese Communist Party. It has been exposed by “Pulse of the Country” to sponsor journalists and politicians to travel to China in exchange for “favorable to the Chinese Communist Party”. “Reports” is part of the CCP’s united front activities.

The Cai Zhongzeng China Center was also required by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) to provide cash-related financial records. This Ivy League university received an estimated US$375 million in funding from foreign governments but did not report it.

Scholars from the Chinese Communist Party’s Military Visited Yale Center

Among the visiting scholars and faculty at the Yale Center are universities run by the Chinese Communist Party and consultants from the Chinese Communist Party (PLA).

Scholar Li Qiang concurrently serves as the executive deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Military Law Society and the director of the Institute of Military Law of China University of Political Science and Law. From 2015 to 2020, he served as a member of the “Air Force Legal Expert Group” of the Chinese Communist Party.

Other visiting scholars have provided suggestions for Chinese Communist Party officials on drafting “Regulations on Civil Protection Orders”, and have served as the Deputy Director of the Senior Advisor Office of the People’s Bank of China and the Secretary-General of the Financial Research Center of the Office of the State Council.

Guest lecturer and senior researcher Jamie Horsley tried to justify the CCP in an article on the epidemic by the Brookings Institute.

The center also offers oral courses and often hosts professors and deans of universities established by the Chinese Communist Party.

Many guest speakers were current and former officials of the Communist Party of China, including Li Shishi, member of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wan Exiang, vice president of the Supreme Court of China, Wang Yongqing, deputy minister of the General Office of the State Council, and Yang Guohua and Wu Jianmin, intellectual property consultants of the Chinese Embassy.

Former U.S. National Security Advisor: Beijing Relies on Military to Hide Epidemic

Former U.S. President Trump’s deputy national security adviser, Matt Pottinger, reiterated in the CBS political theory program “Face the Nation” broadcast on the 21st that China relied on the early stage of the new crown epidemic. The military comes to contain this deadly virus. The head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention did not know that the new crown virus was spreading across the country until the end of December 2019.

Liberty Times reported that Bo Ming pointed out that at the early stage of the epidemic, Chinese officials wanted to share information about the virus, but the CCP suppressed them and many government officials at all levels were told to “shut up your mouth.”

The new crown epidemic has caused more than 2.4 million deaths worldwide. In the United States, the death toll from the epidemic has reached nearly 500,000.

The Wuhan laboratory was actually funded by American taxpayers. U.S. media began to associate two important members of the Biden administration with the CCP. Expert: Biden’s speech in the US media is a terrible concession to the CCP.

Unknown sign, expert: Biden’s speech is a terrible concession to the CCP

Expert: Biden's speech in the US media is a terrible concession to the CCP

Former Acting Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Defense Frank Gaffney (Li Chen/The Epoch Times)

Frank Gaffney, the former acting assistant secretary of the US Department of Defense, told the Epoch Times reporter in response to President Biden’s interview with CNN last week, “I personally think that Biden’s speech is a very terrible concession to the CCP.”

In an interview on the 19th, Gefney said that what Biden described is: Xi Jinping is determined to do anything to consolidate his power. However, the crime of mass genocide, also translated as genocide, happened to Chinese people, which is acceptable. I think this is dangerous for our country and the world.

Gefney said, “This is actually a derogation to the Chinese. Whether Biden’s speech to CNN is the final result of the evaluation, I don’t know, but this is an unknown sign.”

The Biden and Trump administrations are significantly different Affect everyone’s future vitality

Some commentators believe that the Biden administration has just taken office, and it has been possible to find that the Trump administration and the Biden administration are substantially different in their attitudes towards the CCP.

According to a Chinese commentator Xia Wen’s article on the 16th, when it comes to relations with China, the Trump team has repeatedly named the Chinese Communist Party. They believe that the CCP cannot represent the Chinese and that the CCP cannot coexist with the free world. In the long-term strategy, the United States should lead the free world countries and work with the Chinese people to eliminate the CCP. The Trump team believes that the CCP is an adversary of the United States.

The Biden team changed the position of the CCP from a rival to a competitor. In addition, the Biden team did not clearly distinguish the CCP from China. When it comes to relations with China, they only talk about China, not the Chinese Communist Party.

The Biden team even thinks that they can cooperate with the CCP on issues such as climate change, but they seem to have forgotten that in the nearly 100-year history of the CCP, when did they fulfill their promises? The Hong Kong incident that just happened was not invisible to the Biden team. Did they forget that the CCP promised that Hong Kong would remain unchanged for 50 years?

Judging from the killing of tens of millions of Chinese people, the brutal organ harvesting of faith groups, the genocide of Uighurs in Xinjiang, and the repeated deception and penetration and destruction of the free world, the CCP is trying to swallow the cancer cells of human society. So when treating cancer cells, they should be eliminated as soon as possible. If anyone says to compete and cooperate with cancer cells, they are irresponsible for their own life.

Judging from the CCP’s historical evil deeds, this is the greatest demon cult in human history. How to treat the CCP? It involves everyone’s future. Of course, such serious and important matters cannot be handled by others. No matter how government departments change or what position they take towards the Communist Party, everyone should have a firm and self-responsible “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” in their minds, and they should have a position that clearly rejects the CCP.

Don’t underestimate yourself. The traditional Chinese view of life believes that every individual is a universe, all great and worth cherishing. The rejection of CCP cancer cells will profoundly affect everyone’s future vitality.

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