Belief in a subcontinent pushing Taiwan!

Starting with an old subcontinental joke. A solution to the Kashmir issue has become far-fetched as both Pakistan and India are adamant about their positions. Neither country is taking into account what the people of Kashmir want. Because of Kashmir, the military budgets of both countries are bloated, mainly based on Kashmir, the two countries deprived the people of a better life by detonating nuclear bombs and showing that we can too. Both have strained their budgets to maintain hostilities. To get rid of this situation, the ousted Chief Minister of Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav proposed that he would resolve the problem by discussing with the powerful President of Pakistan. India allowed him. He was surrounded by reporters as he emerged smiling from a round of meetings with military president Ziaul Haque. Lalu said, Kella Fate. Negotiation Successful.
Journalists asked, surprise! How?
Lalu: I said, we belong to Jammu and Kashmir.
President: No question, we.
Lalu: I gave enough, we don’t need it. But there is a condition.
President: What conditions?
Lalu: If Jammu and Kashmir is taken, then Bihar should also be taken as Faw.
President: No question, then we don’t want Jammu and Kashmir either.
The reporters laughed. The troubling Bihar fear also worries Pakistan. If taken, will be in danger.
It is at least possible for China today to cut off Taiwan from the global trade supply chain by deploying warships around the island of Taiwan. But it will cause a lot of commercial damage to China. Because the relationship between China and Taiwan is not like India and Pakistan. A trade relationship of traditional mutual dependence has developed between them. Still, if China were to include Taiwan on its map, it would simply mean that China absorbed a major crisis. Taiwan is not in a position to house Uighur Muslims who will be bullied, beaten, beaten, and can easily export rebellion and revolution to China’s discontented and relatively backward provinces. Therefore, even if Taiwan is entered into the ‘One China map’ and can turn into a carcinogenic (cancerous) tumor, the ‘communist’ China, which has all the capitalist characteristics, must have the account. Therefore, giving Taiwan to China will seem like a myth of Lalu’s story.
As the Sino-Taiwan crisis continued, both countries benefited, recovering from the Cold War bipolar world and the postwar US-centered unipolar world. The United States in particular has played an important role in the prosperity of both Chinas. Allegedly Communist China’s friendship with the United States has opened the door to global trade for China, and aid has backfired so much that China’s aggressive trade has driven American manufacturing away from the United States. No matter how much patriotism Americans have, if the same consumer product is available at half the price because it is made in China, they will buy the product made in the USA without regret. No other country in the world could have created such a successful example of commercial imperialism expansion without saying a harsh word, without spending a single bullet. This culture of occupying the market quietly, without waking up, is the true Chinese culture. It is traditional, it is Confucian philosophy; This is not the false and make-believe Western hype.
From 1839 to 1949, the world has progressed a lot in 110 years, but this period can be called the ‘Century of Humiliation’ for China. Repeated intervention by Western powers and Japan shook the foundations of China’s Qing dynasty. China suffered defeats in the First and Second Opium Wars (1839-1842) and (1856-1869), repeated Japanese invasions of Manchuria and the conquest of Manchuria during World War II, the handing over of China to Japan in the Treaty of Versailles (1919), the British invasion of Tibet, the defeat of France (1884- 1885), accepting many unequal treaties and conditions—ultimately turned China into a frozen nation. It is not correct to think that China, which has been beaten so much, will not have any desire for revenge.
China and Taiwan open any way?
Opening the way does not mean that you will. A lot of wood has to be burned. In the end, success may not come on that open road.
1. The current status quo will be maintained by the Republic of China (ROC) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
2. The ROC will continue to exist as a de facto separate autonomous entity.
3. The ROC is part of the mainland PRC and falls under the same map, adopting the ‘Two Systems Framework’ – a dual system of governance.
4. ROC will be part of the mainland and will be governed by the same laws as a province.
5. To officially declare and establish an independent and sovereign Taiwan by abolishing the Republic of China.
6. Mainland China-PRC will be incorporated into the ROC, China and Taiwan will become the same state as the Republic of China.
Unless something miraculous happens, the implementation of option number 6 is impossible. Number 5 will also be difficult to implement because there is a significant number of anti-independence Taiwanese/Chinese within Taiwan.
In short, it can be said that even though Taiwan is like an independent and sovereign state in behavior, this status of Taiwan has not been established legally. Second, if the struggle to establish this legal status fails, Taiwan may lose behavioral independence and sovereignty. If the United States, Japan and all NATO countries also jump for Taiwan, the geographical isolation will endanger the status of Taiwan itself. At the moment, the armed Japanese fleet is conducting exercises in strategic positions in the sea surrounding Taiwan. China’s ‘geopolitical muscle flexing’- geopolitical muscle flexing not only Taiwan but some other nearby neighboring countries are seeing and feeling uneasy.
China’s military survey vessel Yuan Wang Five has anchored at Hambantota seaport, Sri Lanka’s megaproject built on Chinese loans, ignoring India’s concerns and objections. The new-generation space-trekking submarine and its radar’s 750-mile radius area coverage have India rightfully concerned. At the same time, more news has been published. A Chinese survey ship at Hambantota failed to achieve its objective. Alert: Jammers attached to Indian ships temporarily disable Chinese ships’ radar technology. China did not get anything but their technical information was captured by the Indian receiver. So the pressure on China increased.

My first Chinese encounter
I moved into one-room university accommodation near Singleton Park in Swansea, accepting thirty-seven and a half pounds a week rent. There are eight such rooms in the house. My two neighbors Li and Xi (both Chinese, can’t remember the rest of their names), meet in the kitchen every evening, they cook their food, I mine. Dining space adjacent to the kitchen. I still could not give up the Bengali behavior of speaking in advance. After saying this for a week, I said one thing in my heart: When we were fighting for freedom in 1971, you did not support us, you supported the Pakistani military government. Either Lee or Xi said, I was so young in 1971 that it was not possible to fight for or against you. Another said, I have not even heard the name of Pakistan even though I am a little older. But after reading books, I learned quite a bit. It was the era of ping pong diplomacy. Kissinger came to visit China.
Quietly, the other suddenly opened his mouth, especially for the reason that it was not possible for China to support the ‘separatist independent movement’ of any country then, and still is not possible.
I ask, what is the reason?
One word answer, Taiwan.
Another explained, not allowing their own Taiwan to become independent, while advocating for the independence of other countries – there was a lot of criticism within China. Moreover, the ‘USA-China axis’ was developing. The US dumped Taipei and recognized Peking (Beijing) – that was our big achievement. And you didn’t help it, Pakistan did, the West One. I have never heard or read this ‘Taiwanese’ explanation of China’s lack of support for Bangladesh’s independence movement in 1971. At the end of our dinner, one of them said, Taiwan is still a burning issue for China. If you had such a Taiwan, you would evaluate China’s role differently.
I said, why do you want to keep Taiwan?
Both said in unison, because Taiwan is ours, it is part of China. The next morning at breakfast, he gave me a book called ‘China Briefing 1990’ written by Anthony Kane and said, he is giving me the book as a small compensation for the non-cooperation of 1971. It also said, ‘You were pro-Indian then, we are not in good terms with India’, you cannot expect the same reception from two opposing powers.
I said, half of our leftists were pro-Chinese, we had Mao Tse Tung’s Red Book in our hands, Chou En Lai had betrayed them.

Flipping through the pages of the book between classes, the Taiwan context is completely neglected, but one big chapter is called ‘One Country, Two Systems: The Future of Hong Kong’ and another chapter is ‘The Dragon and the Snow Lion: The Tibet (Tibet) Queshechon’.
However, I get a different response to China’s role in the Bangladesh issue and tell them that China has finally betrayed Pakistan. Pakistani soldiers trapped in Bangladesh were told armed China was coming. no worries
Li or Xi said, China is like that, we don’t go to war for others. We didn’t create the Vietnam War like the US did.
The story of our dinner and breakfast dates back to 1992; Then 30 years have passed, the world has changed a lot and China’s change has shaken the whole world.
Whatever the arguments of Lee or Xi, when I look back at 1971, China is not our friend, but our enemy. Still, it is true that there are no permanent enemies or allies in geopolitics. Changes in the position of enemies and allies often occur. China is our friend. The most important friend who supported the freedom of India in 1971, the friendship still remains.
The strategy for Bangladesh now is to balance the relationship and get the gains and losses right.
Bangladesh has learned some lessons from being bullied with the initiative of commercial relations with Taiwan, to erase that history, it is now necessary to say: We believe in one China. India is also saying that they believe only in China, while Pakistan is foaming at the mouth.

Dr. MA Momen: Former government employee, non-fiction and columnist.

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