Beeline brand renewal. On your side. Understanding the details


We discussed the other day that Beeline will renew its brand, but now is the time to talk about what happened and why the operator needs it. The first thing that surprises is that from now on “Beeline” is written as “beeline”, which should be a democratic approach to all users.

Let me remind you that the previous logo looked massive, it was created in 2004, and appeared in April 2005, when the company moved away from the image of a SIM card with a bee in its logo.

To say that it is unusual is to say nothing. We are somehow used to the fact that the names of companies look uniform, everyone is trying to shout in the face, to speak out. The larger the logo, the more interesting, according to the designers. This is exactly what the Beeline was until recently, now it is calmer, should not be so conspicuous, occupy all your space. It is interesting that in many ways this positioning grew out of family tariffs, which Beeline once launched the first on the market. People noted that they did not want loud ads, including bright, eye-catching images. Pay attention to how many brands around us are going exactly the opposite way, they make the logos even bigger, even more noticeable. In 2005, Beeline felt this tendency very subtly, and became an instigator for the entire market, and not only for telecoms. Now – a new trend, which the company considered and implemented in positioning.

From world experience, I can recall the change in the spelling of Mastercard in 2016, when the payment system came to spelling its name in one line.

In 2021, mastercard completely abandoned the logo in its own name, as it wants the picture to speak for itself. In Russia, in electronics, one can recall the realme brand, which also positions itself in a similar way, wants to be as close to the consumer as possible.

I will allow myself a lyrical digression. In discussions of the rebranding of “Beeline” I constantly came across several thoughts:

  • Why is this necessary, they will again spend billions in nowhere, it would be better if they did this and that;
  • It doesn’t matter what they come up with, I don’t like them anyway.

Information noise in the most unpretentious execution, and it does not matter what exactly is said here. This is something like an attempt to prove something to an opponent of vaccination, in most cases he simply does not hear you and it is impossible to get through to the mind. The change in brand positioning reflects the processes that are taking place in the outside world, how companies adapt to them, how they see themselves in this world. Someone thinks this is a fashion, in principle, one can argue that way. After all, a small number of people wear the same style throughout their lives, we try to diversify our wardrobe. A cosmetic or major upgrade for an apartment or house is another example that comes to mind. And in each case it is a reflection of our taste and what we like.

In “Beeline” due to underfunding of the development of the network, problems arose a long time ago, then they began to overlap and at some point turned into chronic ones. For several years, the operator has been raking them step by step, and he does it in the conditions of a permanent crisis in the market, difficult business conditions and a lack of endless resources. For objective reasons, the operator lost subscribers, people left for other companies, and it seemed impossible to stop the outflow. Nevertheless, since December 2019, Beeline has been able to achieve the main thing – to stop the decline and start slowly growing new subscribers. Almost a year later, when this tendency remains positive for the company, the brand’s evolution has begun, it should reflect how the Beeline sees itself.

The slogan “Live on the bright side” is an attribute of another time, when we were literally sold models of behavior – to be bright, interesting, fashionable and further down the list. The evolution of the slogan took place in an interesting way, there is continuity here. But what does “On your side” mean?

This is exactly what the Beeline CEO Alexander Torbakhov was talking about when he joined the company in 2020 – a customer-centric approach, a person should be at the center of the operator’s universe. Ordinary people, each of whom is similar and unlike the others, with their own character traits, problems and desires. I involuntarily paraphrased the lines of the press release, but what to do if they hit the target.

The changes are fundamental, they will reformat how the operator will differ from other companies. They put ordinary people in the center who talk about their ideas. Do you know what characterizes these changes best? Beeline made a film about changes in the brand, it was unimaginable five years ago to imagine that there might be a man with a sandwich biting off a doctor’s sausage in the frame. Perhaps for me this visual component has become the strongest emotional moment that shows the changes in the “Beeline”.

Here you can endlessly ironic that now people chewing are the norm, where is the aesthetics, but the essence is different. We are real people, we have our shortcomings, and the fact that an artificial, glossy world was created around us is beyond doubt. They tried to turn living people into a beautiful picture that could not exist in life, since it was completely fake. And what “Beeline” is trying to show in its approach is different, life as it is. The move is strong and winning, although many may not realize its prospects at the first moment.

I remember “Beeline” before the arrival of Alexander Izosimov, in some ways a family company, the business was important, but secondary. Everything grew by leaps and bounds, everything was the first time for many. Then one could easily get to Boris Zimin and have a few words with him, it is impossible to imagine such a thing today for any operator.

The operator has become a part of a new landscape and a completely different country, which was taking shape before our eyes. Today, “Beeline” wants to become a part of the life of ordinary people again, not to paint fabulous castles, but to be close. It will be possible or not, the question is open, it all depends on the measure of sincerity and the extent to which people working in the “Beeline” will perceive and accept the evolution of the company. I think the chances for this are good.

To perceive the evolution of the approach as accepted for centuries is also not worth it. Simultaneously with the visual change, the company’s website is changing, the My Beeline application has also been radically revised. In the near future, the application will be updated in the Play Store and App Store, you can see for yourself what has changed and how.

It was possible to immediately launch a new tariff line, but only one new proposal appears – the tariff-constructor “Your Solution”. I will quote the press release

“Your solution” gives you a choice of packages of minutes and GB of various sizes, unlimited messengers included in the subscription fee at the tariff, as well as the ability to additionally connect SMS packages, unlimited calls within the Beeline network and unlimited traffic to social networks, video and music streaming services (including separately for each service).

In addition, all subscribers of the “Your Solution” tariff have access to Beeline TV service with at least 20 popular TV channels, as well as Hollywood and Russian premieres of films in a partner subscription – all of them are available for viewing on smartphones, tablets, computers or smart TVs.

By the end of the first month of using the new tariff for each subscriber who has connected “Your solution” a personal offer of tariff configuration will be formed, based on his current needs for communication services ”.

The tariff constructor is known for the same Yota, there is no particular novelty for the market. This is a combination of different proposals, but what I personally like is the care with which this solution is brought to the market. Slowly, in stages, without the traditional desire for our country to demolish everything to the ground and build a new beautiful castle of the future. The renewal of the Beeline brand looks about the same, evolution without a desire to reject everything that was in the past, because there is both good and bad.

I managed to talk about a lot with the top managers of “Beeline” – about what rebranding means for them, how the company is changing from the inside. In the future, I will tell you in detail about some points that pleased me, but I will take out of context the words of Svetlana Kirsanova, Executive Vice President for Retail Business. While discussing retail and how it will change in connection with the brand renewal, I heard a couple of important things. Product development within the “Beeline” was often carried out with a planning horizon of a quarter! As an outside observer, I can confirm that this is exactly what happened: it turned out – it means it worked, no – it means we go further and come up with something else. Now everything is slowly but surely changing, the long-term result is important. For example, Alexander Torbakhov believes that retail stores should be focused not so much on the sale of goods (which remains important), but rather on serving customers and helping them with their problems. In the current model, this is an almost impossible task, one and the same sales assistant must understand technology, be able to sell, and at the same time delve into tariff options, settings, and so on. The universality of such a seller is a myth, he does one thing or the other badly. As a result, a gradual migration will take place, in which each Beeline store will receive different consultants, one will be responsible for the sale of equipment, the other will be responsible for servicing the operator’s customers, the streams will be divorced. And this is a very cool story that can play a role for the operator.

Beeline will try to look differently at retail and from the point of view of how the effectiveness will be assessed. For the operator, it is not a one-time sale that is important, but how much the client will be with him, what is the subscriber’s lifetime. And retail can be the key that forms this loyalty. When viewed through the prism of such relationships, the retail economy looks very different, as well as the effect it has on the entire business.

Many outside observers believe that the “Beeline” has outlived its obsolete, once again tipped the company that it will yield third place in the Russian market to Tele2. I am tired of counting what kind of prophecy it is, since the “Beeline” returned to slow growth. And this growth is a consequence of key changes in the business, and not an attempt to comb reality, for example, to inflate the company’s performance before the sale (and in this case, brand renewal is not necessary at all, it is even more likely to be harmful). Selling is not on the agenda at the moment. But what I can see is changes in the approach to business, and they are consistent – at first, a large construction project that does not stop, a change in the approach to retail, a gradual improvement in both communications and tariff proposals. At the same time, the “Beeline” and its current team are not trying to take the height with impudence, they do not go with checkers to the enemy’s fortifications. This is a slow, boring and daily work on how to change a huge company so that it will take shape and start growing. If this work happens at least half, then the inertia of development that the “Beeline” will pick up will push it forward for more than one year, which means that people will belatedly realize that the operator has changed. In two or three years, returning to the “Beeline”, again using the operator may become a mass trend. But the first bricks were laid in this story not even today, but somewhat earlier, when the company began to be transformed and turned to face the consumer. Perhaps, I will end this text with a phrase that I heard from different people in Beeline, and it sounds in different ways – we want to be an operator with a human face, those who help people and solve their problems, but do not impose ourselves at any cost. Let’s believe “Beeline” that they become like that?

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