Beautiful custom: In a small town in eastern Bohemia, they plant one tree for each child born

In the city of 10,000 in the Pardubice Region, it will approve the project “Trees of Life for Litomyšl.”

Illustration photo. — Foto: Pixabay/Mojpe,hpgruesen

LITOMYŠLE July 2 – Every born child from Litomyšl could have their own tree planted in a town in eastern Bohemia with the name and year of planting. This proposal succeeded in a public vote in the first year of the participatory budget. The Czech portal informed about it Ecolist through CTK.

Sad and alley

“We have already chosen two places, on one of which there will be fruit trees from which an orchard will be created, on the other there will be an alley planted,” said Mayor Daniel Brýdl. Approximately 100 trees are added to the city every year.

The project should work for a year

They want to plant in the form of heppening and it would be a social event not only for families. Project Trees of life for Litomyšl, will work so far this year. He can be put to the public vote again next year.

Sad Potomkov in Slovakia

They have a similar adorable tradition in Hontianske Tesáry in the Krupina district, where they have been building Sad Descendants since 2018.