BBR package for Mazda MX-5 – National Class

British BBR specialists have presented a new tuning package for the third generation Mazda MX-5 called Super 225, and the company states that the number from the name is the number of horsepower.

The price of the new components themselves is 3,495 pounds, and with the installation at the company’s headquarters in Breckley, it rises to 4,495 pounds. The Super 225 package is compatible with all versions of the third-generation MX-5 with a two-liter engine, and the power of the unit has been increased by 70HP and 49Nm, to 225HP and 236Nm of maximum torque.

Instead of installing a turbo, BBR has applied the traditional techniques of installing a new intake manifold and exhaust system, new injectors and a new working map for the ECU unit. An optional enhanced air filter costs an additional £ 65. BBR announced that the package is installed without any modifications on the body, which means that all changes can be returned to the factory condition.

Owners of the old Super 200 tuning package can switch to the new one for £ 2,495. minor cosmetic changes are reduced to BBR ends of 3.5-inch diameter exhaust pipes, new gold-colored graphics and BBR tiles.

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