Bazzara Espresso, a coffee is like a kiss in the new advertising campaign

An image of the countryside

On July 6, the world is celebrated Kissing day, symbol of universal love. And this is the starting point that the communication team of Bazzara Espresso, a Trieste-based company specializing in coffee, has chosen to prepare its next advertising campaign, broadcast online (display adv on the Google network, Search Adv and social ads on Facebook).

By associating the gesture of the kiss with that of drinking a coffee, and inviting people to do it “every day”, the campaign relies on a concept of “body positivity”: the message, explains the press note, is positive not only because it communicates a feeling but also the acceptance of oneself and the other, inviting to indulge oneself and savor a moment of happiness whenever possible.

“We chose the simplicity of a message understandable to everyone – he says Adriano Rosso, copy of the campaign -. In fact, love in its many forms belongs to each of us and after the terrible moment just passed, we know how to recognize it and we need it ».

«We believe that associating the gesture of the kiss with an advertising campaign on coffee – he adds Matteo Prodan, art director of the spot – elevates us into a social position that does not make gender distinctions, allowing us to reach a diversified target of users ».

«We wanted to launch a communication campaign capable of increasing brand awareness – he says Franco Bazzara, owner of the homonymous company -, reaching a heterogeneous and transversal target, through a reassuring message, but, at the same time, able to strike the attention. At a time like this we are convinced that many have discovered the beauty of indulging in small daily luxuries and we are sure that the quality of our coffee is able to satisfy this type of need »