Baruch exclaimed: “Prime Minister Netanyahu has released the bridle long ago”

“Unreasonable Events”: News Writer and Commentator 13 Blessedly read, Risen today (Wednesday) to air on Golan Joffaz and Anat Davidov’s show on103FM, Addressing the Prime Minister’s fierce attack Benjamin Netanyahu Against the Attorney General The Mendelblit Abyss As well as his request for NIS 10 million in funding from the Permit Committee to finance his legal affairs. “Netanyahu has long since completely released the curb. Each event breaks the record of the event that preceded it. The prime minister has approached the permit committee many times in the past, and has been rejected, “Kara explained.

It seems to me that we have not heard such statements by the PM against the USSR.
“Yes, you know, every event breaks the climax of the previous event. It is perfectly clear that we should not be surprised. The prime minister has long since completely unleashed. Incidentally, the ridiculous hiding by the Prime Minister’s associates, I do not understand what, it sounds more We know who we are getting these messages from and who is saying this, we know that the prime minister is fully behind the most extreme messages behind the court. ”

He really speaks strongly. He says the Mandelblit governor is making a government coup.
“Of course it is a lie, the Judea and Samaria, whatever it was he reacted to before it. By the way, this is a request from the permit committee that responded to the PM’s request. This is a very unusual request from the PM, who asked to receive a gift of NIS 10 million. Whether you are for or against, it is clear that this is an exception and that it is not the standards of any permit committee ever. Incidentally, Netanyahu himself has repeatedly approached the permit committee many times over the years, and many have been rejected. “

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Nor has there been such a deal with any prime minister, a senior politician with such a mass of such severe charges in three indictments, that he may really need that money. Wouldn’t it be better for him to resign and receive funding from whomever he wanted? That is the position of the Justice Department.
“There are two important points here: one, and I’m not one of those advocates of this legal ban, but let’s just say Netanyahu is not the first case. I mean, there is a standard here, and certainly not a standard for Netanyahu. Second, when you’re a public servant, not just Prime Minister, you have restrictions that do not apply to ordinary people, the thing about trying to make a government coup is the idea that people will not go to such situations and if they do, then there are rules that prohibit them from receiving these gifts, and certainly not from one donor. You have a little something, at the time when Tsahi Hanegbi was criminally prosecuted, established a nonprofit that funded Weinroth’s representation. “

Avichai Mandelblit (Photo: Knesset Spokesmen)

You understand that Mandelblit’s decision, even if it is legally correct, seems to many like an attempt by the USSR to sign the indictments himself, to prevent the prime minister from defending them.
“Yes, but anything that Mendelblit would do, even when he decided to indict the prime minister, said it was because he was pursuing it. What is the USSR supposed to do? He is now applying for permission from the permit committee, and thinks that ten million is a crazy amount, by the way of one donor. “

The amount itself seems reasonable to protect a premier for the next two or three years?
“I think that’s pretty much what would at least cost a prime minister when he employs three law firms for that matter.”

That is, at least numerically this is not an unfounded request.
“No, because you think every law firm, assuming you take the top representation, raises a salary as if it doesn’t interest him that there are other attorneys. For him, he runs a controlled portfolio until night, almost disables an office, so he wants full money, and that’s all Attorneys who represent him and are supposed to be three. Who wants what lawyers should hire, so especially for that matter, they have to pay them salaries. ”

He knows how to make these calculations excellent and knows why he asked for NIS 10 million. Remind us who Spencer Partridge is, the same businessman whom the US Secretary of State has asked for or wants to ask for the NIS 10 million. In the previous round he asked him for a loan.
“That’s right, and the loan was eventually approved. Yesterday I showed that in fact the new auditor approved the loan, which was in no way acceptable to the previous auditor, and I doubt the property either, but because there was a buyer there who gets the The decision got it criticized. “

What you are reporting yesterday, that the previous auditor’s office sent a letter to the current Mendelblit, saying in such and other words I do not understand why Netanyahu, who is a wealthy man, should take a loan from his associate instead of going to the bank, doing what is necessary and taking a loan From the bank?
“It was absurd, because if you remember when Netanyahu said I’m taking a loan, he said he was taking it on market terms. If a loan on market terms – take it from the bank. But that’s exactly what we are, spreading and working on, constantly playing here at some very political base. Netanyahu is strong, that whatever he says, forgive the phrase, as far as he’s concerned, it’s all because of Demon Mandelblit, the ones who want to drop him, the ones who got in touch. “.

As far as the permit committee is concerned, there is nothing to go there again, you will not approve it, you mentioned it before.
“No, there is no way to appeal to the 10 million permit committee after what it was yesterday. But because we know that Mandelblit initially approved even though he did not know the amount, but he subsequently approved a $ 2 million initial representation, we did not go into the nuances, so theoretically If Netanyahu now appeals to the permit committee for less, not about NIS 10 million, less than eight even, then it will be difficult for a consultant to refuse it. ”