Bard in police interrogation for BLM criticism

Published July 3, 2020 at 8:16 pm

Alexander Bard was to participate last week in a conversation with the Youtube profile Henrik Jönsson about freedom of speech and the “curse culture”.

But Bard’s involvement had to be canceled, Jönsson notes.

– An almost satirical example of a banned culture is the fact that for this segment of the video I had the writer and philosopher Alexander Bard booked in for a video interview. But it had to be canceled because Alexander Bard was instead called for police interrogation for a tweet that some interpreted as racist, says Henrik Jönsson in video.

When Free Times reaches Alexander Bard he does not want to comment on the police investigation.

– We’ll take it later. If it gets prosecuted then you can give your damn that I’m thinking of talking, he says.

Bards popular posts about the BLM movement was published on June 13 – and the following day the message came that he had been fired from the “Talang” jury in TV4.

In the post he urged blacks to sharpen up and, among other things, stop living on grants, lying and portraying themselves as victims.