bankers give out money, and Elon Musk set a record for the billionth time

Photo: Paul Hennessy

As always, at the end of the week, together with a trader, trainer, investment expert, fan of Ilon Mask and millennial lover Fuad Rasulov, we discuss the events of the past week that had the greatest impact on global stock markets.

Life has become better, life has become happier? Nonpharma … How much in this sound for the heart of the Russian merged. According to the Department of Labor, 4.8 million new jobs were created in the US in June. Unemployment fell from as much as 13% to some miserable 11%. Is the US economy rushing towards prosperity at all times? Or is it just a low comparative base?

Castling. Usually, unemployment in the European Union was slightly higher than in the United States. However, nature has cleared so much that after quarantine it has become the other way around. What is the reason for this? Now it is the turn of the United States to suffer?

You will laugh, but Elon Musk set a record again. More precisely, his little-known company Tesla. The value of the shares of the manufacturer of electric vehicles soared to $ 1,232. Last time it was “never.” It also turned out that the company had accumulated $ 8 billion hidden under a pillow. Where does Ilon get money for a loss-making company?

Semibankirshchina. In their free time from managing the world, large American banks passed stress tests from the Federal Reserve. No, these are not anger management courses or testing with a mother-in-law in the same room for several hours. This is a set of measures that the central bank conducts in order to find out how banks are resistant to crises. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup concluded that they were stable and decided to pay dividends. Feast in Time of Plague?

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