Banca Sella expands its open banking services

Banca Sella expands the services of open banking and launches a new feature that allows customers to make transfers from their bank accounts of other banks, directly from the Sella app and from internet banking. The new functionality is part of the account aggregation service, introduced earlier this year, thanks to which Banca Sella customers can have a single access point also to the current accounts they have with other banks, to easily have a overall picture of your finances.

Until now, the account aggregation service has made it possible to consult the balance and movement list of each individual account and to divide income and expenses by category. With this new feature, the service therefore becomes a device, offering the possibility of making transfers from the various current accounts directly from the Banca Sella channels.

How does it work

Here’s how it works. Once you have entered your bank account via app or internet banking, from the “accounts and cards” section, the customer chooses the bank account he wants to use and proceeds with the transfer, indicating the beneficiary, the Iban, the amount and the reason .

The new functionality is available for customers who have activated the Banca Sella account aggregator and, at the moment, gives the possibility of making ordinary bank transfers. In the future, instant, recurring and international wire transfers will also be possible, all in compliance with the safety standards required by the European Psd2 directive.